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jeremybsavage Avatar
jeremybsavage Jeremy Savage
So, in three weeks I will be flying to San Francisco from Rhode Island with my two good friends and colleagues from Oxford Motorcars, Chris and Jake. The plan is that we will each buy a car in California and drive back looking for cars along the way (business trip, I swear)!

Anyway, for those of you whom I don't know, British petrol runs in my blood. Chris, an American car guy has bought a firebird. Jake, who is into German cars bought an old 220 Benz. Both of them are talking lots of crap about how I am going to break down in my British car.

What better way to prove them wrong than to do it in a Stag!?!

Only problem--I can't find one. I need your help!

Does anybody know of one that might be able to be bought (quickly) out that way? If I need to, I will ship it to CA, but I'd prefer not to have to ship it too far.

All kidding aside, I would like to find one that has some service records. Recent timing chains/tensioners would be a really, really big plus.

Any leads?!

Thanks guys,

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
In reply to # 1302010 by jeremybsavage What better way to prove them wrong than to do it in a Stag!?!
How do I get a piece of this action? The odds of driving a newly-bought Stag all the way across the USA without a breakdown are long to say the least! I know of only one instance where it was done, and even then it had been freshly restored by experts as a charity project, and suffered a major blowup during road testing (as in bits scattered across the road).

I learned the hard way, as I bought a "running" Stag (from an acquaintance no less) to drive while I rebuilt the first one. Had something like 4 major breakdowns just in the 1500 mile drive to get it home. Never will forget that feeling of horror after my co-driver woke me up saying "something's wrong" and when I stumbled out on the side of the road, I could see red light shining on the wet pavement! (Being unfamiliar with the car and driving in stop-and-go traffic, he had been unaware that the front brakes were dragging badly until he found he couldn't coax the car over about 40 mph. The red light was from the glowing brake rotors, not an actual fire.)

Sorry, can't help with a car. Neither of mine are drivable; and it's quite rare to see one for sale in good running condition with the original motor. And I doubt your friends would let you off the hook with a GM or Ford engine (although Rover might do).

56 TR3 TS13571L daily driver
71 Stag LE1473L awaiting engine rebuild
7? Stag awaiting gearbox rebuild

jeremybsavage Avatar
jeremybsavage Jeremy Savage
Well, Randall, we are going to video tape the whole thing and put it on youtube, so stay tuned.

You are right about the original drivetrain. Although I do think I could sneak a rover v8 by them.

I was perusing club sites last night and found a yellow one in CA. I was all excited but from the fellow's voice on the phone I think it has been sold for a few years. Maybe a few decades.

It's a conundrum, what has four seats, a manual box, is British, under 30k (ideally far under), and offers at least some promise of exciting driving?

Stag, Jag Mk 1 or Mk 2, Jenson interceptor, morris, mini (cutting it close on the 4 seats--I'll be driving though so who cares?), MGBGT (can't buy one of those because I already own two), MG Magnette?

It's slim pickings!

Right now, if I can't find any of the above I will be buying a Hillman Super Minx for sale on Craigslist and trying not to shoot myself as I toddle along. It's on the OC craigslist in Irvine, CA if anyone wants to buy it so I can't.

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Tr34250stag Avatar
Tr34250stag Michael S
San Antonio, FL, USA   USA
Suggest you look for 2 cars and a tow bar setup...

jeremybsavage Avatar
jeremybsavage Jeremy Savage
So much skepticism!!! I thought I could count on you guys for some positivity! More and more its looking like it could be a moot point as I can't find a car.

Tr34250stag Avatar
Tr34250stag Michael S
San Antonio, FL, USA   USA
Add Herald to your list. I would have more faith in a very simple car like that than a Stag.

Ctwidle Chris Twidle
Reesville, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1954 MG TF
I bought my stag in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, last November. Couldn't find a decent manual closer to home just North of Brisbane, Queensland, so we flew down to have a look. It was from a deceased estate so no service record but it had obviously been well looked after and the only obvious mod was electronic ignition. Everything else looked factory standard, even most of the paintwork looked original. (The term crazy paving springs to mind) It was advertised as having 25000km on the clock but a sticker on the B pillar reminding PO to rotate tyres at 65k suggested that might be a bit out!
I spent a couple of days with it up on a hoist giving it a service and a thorough check over. There was no obvious rust but the better half insisted that the tyres, although with plenty of tread, were getting pretty long in the tooth so we had a new set fitted. One front wheel bearing was adjusted, new wiper blades, and a couple of light bulbs and it was pronounced ready to be taken for a 'Roadworthiness inspection' as required whenever a vehicle is sold in Aus. (MOT in UK, don't know about USA).
There are a few hassles in moving a car between states in Aus one being that the a road worthiness certificate from Vic is not valid in Qld and Victoria would not allow me to register the vehicle as I was not a resident of that state. Eventually we got a special permit to drive the unregistered vehicle from Victoria through New South Wales into Queensland. We eventually managed to get insurance (Shannon's couldn't have been more helpful) and with roadside recovery insurance from the Royal Automobile Association of Queenslandand, we set off.
Maybe I should have mentioned that the door to door distance to be covered was just over 1800km or 1120miles. We planned to take three days for the trip as we didn't want to drive around dusk or dawn. Hitting a roo in a stag would not be a lot of fun and that is when they are most often out and about.
The trip was not completely uneventful.
A couple of hours after leaving Melbourne we were off the smooth motorway and on to a country highway and the steering was feeling strange as the car seemed to float after hitting any thing like a bump. Note to self, don't rely on new tyres to have had pressures adjusted! Reducing them from 45psi all round to 26/24 fixed that problem.
Pulled into motel for the first night and it refused to start to move off the driveway - battery lead had worked loose, fixed in less than 2 minutes. ( I had packed a few tools in my suitcase, just in case!)
Accelerator was feeling stiff the next day but a stop at a motorcycle shop in a country town found a cable oiler allowing me to squirt some WD40 down the Bowden cable - problem solved.
That was it, only drawback was that we couldn't drive with the top down as we had to get the hard top home somehow!
Comfortable, surprisingly economical cruising at 110kph in overdrive, and a head turner in every town we passed through. Temp gauge never went above half way, used no oil. The other front wheel bearing was starting to grumble when we got home but that was the only thing that needed to be fixed for the roadworthy.
I hope this encourages people that they aren't necessarily all Triumph 'Snags'.
I have done quite a bit of work since we got home, but no more than you would expect with a 40 year old car.

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NorCalStag Larry Polistina
Santa Rosa, CA, USA   USA
I have one, but not road worthy yet. Are you still planning the trip? If so, when, I'll drive mine too!

noah752 Avatar
noah752 Michael H
Oklahoma City, OK, USA   USA
Hi Jeremy,

What you are doing sounds very exciting and right up my alley. I hope it works out for you. what route are you planning on taking?

Michael H.

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Herald948 Avatar
Herald948 Andrew Mace
East Nassau, upstate NY, USA   USA
I don't doubt for one minute that this could be done...with the right car. Trouble is finding that car. sad smiley

Oh, and it easily could be done with a Herald or Sports 6 as well. As some of you know (and might be tired of hearing about), I bought a '62 Herald 1200 sedan in summer 2002. Less than a month later (after driving it locally and sorting out a few things that were mostly the result of the car having been driven 700 miles in the 13 years previous), I embarked on a successful 2,550-mile round trip from Albany NY to Red Wing MN and back, virtually without incident!*

*Full disclosure: I did buy a battery to carry as a spare, as the voltage regulator was acting up a bit, and the turn signal switch started to self-destruct but continued to function as needed.

Brunow Avatar
Brunow Ruben Deboosere
West-Vlaanderen, Vlaanderen, Belgium   BEL
Whow! You must record this trip! thumbs up

Good luck!

I would drive a herald / vitesse. Stag will be a bigger challenge! *i like it!*

Proud owner of a Triumph spitfire IV & restoring it one evening a week with my father.
And as long as the triumph is not working i cruise around town with my old 1968 Bsa

kin74 Avatar
kin74 Alex M
Verona, Verona, Italy   ITA
I'd be very interested in collecting your story for my website (please see my signature), if you'll ever find the right car. smiling smiley

Triumph In Italy

Robin Stag Silver Member Robin Searle
Brechin, ON, Canada   CAN
I know this is an old topic [Sept 2015] but curious as to how successful the trip was,if done? The Toronto Triumph Club over the past several years has done circum-navigational drives around Lakes Ontario X2,Erie,Georgian Bay,Finger Lakes and in June of this year 2017, the biggest of all Lake Superior.

When this was first planned we thought due to the 11 days it will take that we would be lucky to attract 15 cars,whereas we normally have 30 or so but for only 4 day drives, we have 25 cars signed up and that is the absolute maximum that we can handle as many motels only have that number of rooms,as well as restaurants taking 50 persons all at one time.

The way we always plan it is in exchange for a 'one bill for all' we negotiate a fair price per person at all pre-booked restaurants,so they know when we are to arrive. This is the Toronto Triumph Club that runs these Round The Lake Drives and this being a 2,500 mile, 4000kms, drive averaging only 150 miles per day when driving around Lake Superior, so as to give maximum time for exploring the area. A tradition now is to charter a Lake Cruiser and have a dinner on board cruise, this time we have a ferry crossing to Madeline Island and a Moonlight cruise also.

Of the 25 cars we will have 6 Stags,2 TR3s,Spits,TR4,5 and 6s and one GT6 oh and one lonely Jag.

Anybody know where I can access any video or write up on the 'Cross country drive' ??

britbits Avatar
britbits Tony B
rancho santa margarita, CA, USA   USA
1960 MG MGA
I realize this is a very old post, but for anyone looking for a very clean , serviced, document Stag- I got one here in SO CAL
Relocating so Im going to post it for sale shortly

StagByTriumph Avatar
StagByTriumph Glenn Merrell
Lafayette, CO, USA   USA
Hey Randall,

The Triumph Trans AmeriCan (TTA) Stag aka Uncle Jack traveled over 18000 trouble free miles after the restoration, with only a Facet pump fail in Washington State.

It is still running trouble free in Minnesota, owned by Phil and Susan Ethier.

I have driven two Stags now Coast-to-Coast - twice with no breakdowns.

The OD problem was with a Transmission that was supposedly "fresh rebuild" by Quantum. The replacement was a 4 speed donated by RRTC, and my own J type OD attached to it with a layshaft donated from Victoria British that is still going strong.

Glenn aka StagByTriumph

Glenn Merrell, a.k.a. StagByTriumph / Garage
1968 TRG TR250; 1973 Mimosa Triumph Stag; 2000 XJ8; 2001 XJ8
"The BEST Trophies are: Miles on the Odometer; Stone Chips in the paint; Dead Bugs on the Windscreen (and the occasional smell of manure!)" an S by T Original quote!

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