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twomanytriumphs Gold Member Kyle Darby
Kelso, WA, USA   USA
1965 Triumph TR4 "My Baby"
1966 Triumph 2000 MkI "Bessie"
1970 Triumph GT6+ (MkII) "The Princess"
1977 MG MGB
Hi All,

Found a broken exhaust manifold on Mom's stag today. LH side. Rimmers lists 2 different part numbers for a mk1 or a mk2. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 2? The car is a 72 Mk1, then pictured is the one I found that is local to me. The one on the car does have the heat shield that attaches. Any thoughts? Thanks Kyle.Rimmers manifold page Am I wrong to assume that the difference is that the MK2 has the heat shield attachments while the mk1 doesn't?

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Best I can make out from my SPC, the only difference between 308452 and 311603 is the presence of the heat stove attachment. It says that 308452 was used only on non-emissions models up to LF2217E and that 311603 was used for all engines after that point.

But early US models (like mine) did have the heat stove attachment, so it's not really a Mk I/Mk II difference.

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tkrich Avatar
tkrich Tim Richardson
Vancouver, WA, USA   USA
1971 Triumph Stag "Saffron"
1971 Triumph Stag "Saffron"

My 71 MK1 has the heat shield, and it is an early model. I'm sorry to hear that your Mom's car continues to have problems. I'm putting a new alternator onto mine right now.


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StagByTriumph Avatar
StagByTriumph Glenn Merrell
Lafayette, CO, USA   USA
The difference between the two manifold part numbers is how the heat collector mounts to the exhaust manifold. There are two different heat collectors on Federal Spec Stags. I have some spares if you need a set.

Glenn Merrell, a.k.a. StagByTriumph / Garage
1968 TRG TR250; 1973 Mimosa Triumph Stag; 2000 XJ8; 2001 XJ8
"The BEST Trophies are: Miles on the Odometer; Stone Chips in the paint; Dead Bugs on the Windscreen (and the occasional smell of manure!)" an S by T Original quote!

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