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SwampMonkey Steve D
York, North Yorkshire, UK   GBR
I know this is something that has come up before, but i'm looking at it in a different way.
Firstly, i don't want to hack up a perfectly "restorable to original" to original Herald, especially as i'm wanting a to end up with what looks like, for all intents and purposes, a Triumph Courier van ( a Herald Panel Van ). So, i'm looking for a Triumph Herald Estate to be my donor vehicle. But it needs to be one with a "rusted beyond repair" chassis and the worse condition the engine is in the better, so i don't feel guilty about the build...oh, and it will sport the quad headlamp front end from a Vitesse
The chassis i will be building myself, using the original as a template and using box section in place of the channel, setting the centre rails slightly wider apart to accommodate the build easier.
The driveline will start at the front with a Mercedes OM642 V6 Diesel (with Simtek Bodylogik ecu to cure all those issues that occur when trying to fit this engine into something that isnt a Merc, Chrysler or Jeep), probably sourced from a Chrysler 300C, along with the transmission and rear axle. So the centre chassis rails are to be built for the OM642 and 6 speed box and the outer rails (with upgraded outriggers and diagonal filets) set up so that the Herald body sits right on there once the transmission tunnel is cut out. All tightened up with a front to back roll cage.
The OM642 engine weighs about the same as the Vitesse motor (approx 200kg), the gearbox isnt so much of an issue with it being closer to the centre mass of the car. In a Chrysler the base specs are 215hp @ 3800rpm, 375lb/ft max torque and 0-60 7.9secs with a top speed limited to 140mph. With a semi-mild remap the Chrsysler can be taken to 300bhp and 470 lb/ft of torque and who knows what the 0-60 or top speed will be once those electronic limiters are eliminated. But these figures are kind of moot as there will be two turbo instead of one, the car will weigh much less than the beast of a hulk that this engine and transmission pulled. The final drive will be whixhever i find runs the best on a day to day basis and its not a huge job to swap it out for1/4 mile weekend work.
All in all i want a perfomance diesel wrapped in one of my favourite cars of all time. I love diesel i learned my trade on Heavy Goods Vehicles in an "Old School" workshop that would "fix rather than replace" and i did a year longer on my apprenticeship so that i could become a technician rather than a mechanic, because i love my trade.
And now, 28 years later, with a total of 35 years experience ( from 14 years old i was in a family friends workshop helping on a 1965 Pontiac Parisienne, a 1966 Chevelle, a 74 Ford Ranchero and a 66 Dodge Coronet restorations...and my own first car when i was 17, a 1968 340 Barracuda Hardtop, it kind of stood out among my friends 205 GTi, Golf GTi, Manta & Astra GTE...basically my group of friends owned every 80s hot hatch that existed at the time!) I'm semi retired due to a spine injury i got whilst climbing....well, actually it wasn't the climbing, it was the landing after falling that did it...and now i want to celebrate the two things i love. Classic cars & diesel engines.
I could go really silly with the engine, but thats what my Isuzu Trooper is there for (Cummins 6BT i hear shouted out from the back there...well, we will see)

Any thoughts, ideas on the matter will be well and truly mulled over. There are no wrong answers, just some not so right ones. It's going to take me some time, but i'll get there and document it here as i go because i have nothing better to do with my time. I may even make a video or two. Especially if i do something that somebody would like me to explain better.

Anywho, i'll catch y'all later with updates on my mammoth project, at the moment its a pile of steel stock and not very interesting

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rustbuckit2011 Frank Zappa
auckland, auckland, New Zealand   NZL
Well I'm all for it! Should be a real sleeper..
Good move on making the chassis- with that kind of torque you are going to want to do away with as much of the herald componentry as possible. Designing it to take narrowed subframes from something modern and plentiful would be the go- Id be thinking subaru wrx or similar (independent rear suspension- Just like a triumph right??) as the diff would be narrow meaning you would have a shot at finding short side fwd drive axles from something else that would fit under the width of the bodywork- and the brakes are already pretty big. The estate fuel tank will take a range rover classic fuel pump carrier with little modification to the existing hole and shortening the carrier pipes a little.
This might be crazy- but I wonder if it would be worth trying to box in the roof? That would add a heck of a lot of strength to it- as standard they are bendy as hell.
You will want better catches on the doors!
Looking forward to seeing a thread- Im all about the mods. If you havent already, check out the sideways technologies forum- this will be right up your alley-

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