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Mk 2 Vitesse Gearbox

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Mk 2 Vitesse Gearbox
  This topic is about my 1970 Triumph Vitesse Mark 2
pont629 Silver Member Fred E
Colo Vale, NSW, Australia   AUS
1929 DeSoto Series K-SA
1970 Triumph Vitesse Mark 2 "Tessa"
1981 Triumph TR7 "Trevor"
My Vitesse developed a ticking in the gearbox area last year, which sounded for all the world like the thrust race carrier was tapping on the clutch fork.
the box was removed and the fork and carrier replaced ( plus a new clutch while the box was out ). alas this did not cure the problem, which of course was only apparent after putting it all back together again.
so eventually I decided I could not live with the noise any longer even though the box was working fine and took it out again.
I decided to go to a gear box specialist that I knew and had dealt with to get it sorted. it turned out to be the cluster gear which had 6 chipped teeth on the main cog, no bits in the box and no damage to various gears ! a mystery.
Anyway there were no clusters available anywhere so I was stumped. after much searching I found that a Morris Marina gear box is very similar, I was able to buy a new old stock box, this was dismantled and it was found that I would need to reduce the length of the main shaft to accommodate the O/D unit this length reduction meant the shaft would need splines machined on the reduced length shaft. Also the input shaft was a smaller diameter so it was cut off in front of the gear and my old shaft similarly cut was welded on and machined.
all the new components (gears, syncro rings, bearings, selectors, etc.etc. ) were then assembled into my original gearbox case and the O/D fitted.
the box is now back in the car and working perfectly, the only difference I can notice is a larger gap between 2nd and 3rd gears but this is actually better and the car is more driveable.
It wasn't a cheap exercise around Aus$2000 Including purchase of the Marina box and machining carried out + labour, but worthwhile as the Vitesse is fine car and a joy to drive once again.

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