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Inline Jouni Oinas
Suomi, Finland   FIN
Hello, in on new forum, been on MG-exp tho asking about SU's. Got answers i needed and now asking
for another, triumph spitfire con.rod related-thing

At first i discovered from Pauter's site at Triumph 1.3 has con.rods with following dimensions:

Triumph Spitfire 1.3L

Well. My current motor has lousy stroke of 89mm with 4G63 Mitsubishi con.rods on Volvo b20-crankshaft ( original stroke 80mm).
Not going for maths but with experiences and calculating, these would be perfect size
to get an increase on stroke from 89mm to 97mm (( welding+ grinding crankshaft)89mm stroke is done just by off-set grinding axle). And when im building big stroker-motor now bigger is better.
( max stroke not to hit on main oil-lines bore wall)

To the thing-> What does those original Triumph con.rods stand for on torque?
Should i go h-beams more likely? Who else makes those same h-beams then than just Pauter,
which you can recommend. Of course i could buy Pauters too, but with having one expensive motor,
and this one going to be more experimental, not test before, i would
like to go on budget build to test setup out.

Why im interested about just these cond.rods is at they have perfect big-end size to give
me max stroke, and they have just correct lenght to get pistons i have to the deck by
just taking few tenths of millimetres off the block deck.

And from what engine are those con.rods exactly from, are bearings easily, or at all without
luck, to get my hold of them?

Id appreciate all answers. With these con.rods and pistons ive choosed,
i would almost double the displacement inreasement from my EVO1-stroker motor.


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