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TR2 Avatar
TR2 john L
VINCENTIA, Jervis Bay, Australia   AUS
I have a slight problem with my TR and would like your opinions. There is what I thought was a valve train noise in the engine. I checked the valve clearance and that was spot on. Ran it with the tappet cover off in case the roller rockers were touching the cover - still the same. Disconnected the fan belt - noise still there.
When the engine is revved slightly bit over 2000 rpm noise disappears.
The noise is not a metallic clunk but more like an uneven sound.
My thoughts were a "dry" dizzy or a loosened keyway on the top end of the oil pump drive shaft. However when I stuck my head in the mouth of the front nose cone, in front of the radiator the sound was quite evident. Maybe a broken timing chain tensioner?
I have used a long screwdriver to "listen" to everything but not able to pinpoint.
I thought I would get your opinions first before I start pulling things apart.
This is a race engine bearings recently replaced as a routine service, oil pressure fine.
Any help appreciated
Regards John

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tapkaJohnD Avatar
tapkaJohnD John Davies
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK   GBR
You have already localised to the front of the engine - that's progress!
Try listening to air conducted sound, via a length of hose held to the ear, while the other is directed here and there.
'Hears' different frequencies than the solid, screwdriver/broomstick trick.

John (another John)

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