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TR6 idle rises as I drive the car - also, Oil pressure question

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Utica, NY, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 ~ For Sale ! ~
check using a spray bottle w water your vacuum hoses, but prior to this check your oil for gas smell it -change oil -filter and run till warm Then if you have been working on this car of lately very carefully recheck any thing you unplugged check your vacuum connections.all of them see your book. pete Also check like another member mentioned your choke linkage and throttle lnikage -see if there is a restriction there. check your return spring to see that it is functioning properly I maybe rubbing on something -you may need a pal to work these systems to see how they are functioning properly use a good flash light under your dash to see if there is something not lined up properly..there is a oil pressure sending switch you might want to see if there is any debris there ..make sure that the connections are good---this happen to me last summer.pete

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tylerwerrin Tyler Werrin
Santa Monica, CA, USA   USA
1972 Triumph TR6 "Lil Vroom Vroom"
I tightened down the TBV counter clockwise to seat the valve another 3/4 turn.

Drove the car around a bit more today - idle seems to be holding steady, although to be fair its not as hot of a day today than it was a couple weeks ago when I last tried.

Idle now starts at 650 or so on cold start up and putters up to about 900 when warm and stays around there, as opposed to 1100-1200 before.

Ill drive it some more and see where the temperature ends up settling; if it starts creeping up again, I'll tighten down the TC nylock nut & idle trim screw to eliminate the TC as a problem vector.

Another thing I discovered while nosing around under the hood was that the relay which controls my electric fan was operating intermittantly, due to heat. I had mounted the relay to the radiator prop; I didn't think of that being an issue and once I moved the relay to the fender well, the relay seems to operate as it should. So perhaps that is also a part of why the temps had been rising and the idle had been rising along with it.

In the future, I will get rid of the TBV altogether though; I assume just cutting a piece of gasket material and covering the hole is the best way to do this, aside from making a blanking plate?

Hudson, WI, USA   USA
2 quick points:

1) As mentioned earlier, follow to the letter the carb rebuild procedure on the Ohio Buckeye website. Also, double check for vacuum leaks thoroughly.

2) Your oil pressure issue may be due to incorrect oil weight (viscosity). I've been running Shell Rotella 15W-40 in my 6 for over a dozen years with no issues at all. I have nearly 100 psi at cold, then drops to 50 psi running and 25 psi at idle once hot. Last time I checked Shell's website, Rotella has all the Zinc required for our engines, too.

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tylerwerrin Tyler Werrin
Santa Monica, CA, USA   USA
1972 Triumph TR6 "Lil Vroom Vroom"

I think it was a combination of issues but... here's what I fixed.

1) Tightened down the TBV screw a little; this helped immidiately, but I found that my idle would still flutter up and down when I was stopped at a stop light. This led me to my next line of inquiry.

I looked around for any vacuum leaks; while everything seemed to indicate it was OK, i remembered that the idle float would happen while stopped.. with my foot on the brake. I did a few tests and sure enough, it happened everytime, like clockwork.

I had never replaced my brake booster; it was old, but because the pedal would get hard, I assumed it was ok. However, upon testing my one-way valve... it was both the valve and rubber seals which had perished.

I purchased a new brake booster... installed it... and wow, the car really really stops now. I just assumed the brakes on the car were stiff, as I've never driven a car older than the early 1980s... and who knows, maybe braking technology wasn't so great back in 72.

Anyways, that's what I did. Hopefully this helps someone else down the line.

Tote Tony M
Kingston, ON, Canada   CAN
I don't run the stock carbs, but I too experience a bit of linkage bind which causes an increase in the idle speed. I just give it a small shot of gas and it jumps back down to normal idle. Check your linkage, lubricate and check for weak return springs on the linkage. Oil pressure looks good. Your car is fine, just normal TR6 bug-bears.

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