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Body shims

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Body shims
  This topic is about my 1974 Triumph TR6
161623 George McB
Ambler, PA, USA   USA
Hello, just fired up my 1974 TR-6 after 9 years in the garage. It will need brakes, ball joints and who knows what but i finally have time to work on her. I would like to start with aligning the body. The gaps on both doors are way off. I loosened all the rear body mount bolts and jacked the back and to my surprise the door gaps really improved. now my problem and question is how to shim the body. I don't see how to shim the mounts in front of the trunk without taking the whole body off. Is there some way to keep the rear up and tighten up the door gaps. By the way it started on the second turn of the key. Thanks George

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South San Frncisco, CA, USA   USA
don't know about bodylifting, but consider the wheel bearings, all four of them. mine sat in garage,
neutral weather and temps here on west coast...
regreased fronts, but rears are sealed... around 1500 miles driving after getting otherwise
roadworthy, left rear proved to be toast. If it sits for years never turning wheels, the grease can
cake, and dry... and not distribute in bearing properly...I did not consider this and perhaps
there was no avoiding it after sitting two decades...but wish I had, although very happy with
the replacement hubs ... (Contrast greased hub bearings in TR/IRS with solid axe say of the
MGA... the differential/axle housing is filled with 90wt oil, and rear hub bearings sit in the oil...mmm..
(then all it does is leak from hub seals and gasket!)
Your car will need some time to flex and reveal its needs from 9 years motionless.
If you did not ease tire load in that time, they might not be round anymore...
oh the sliding rear axle splines... dont forget them..

YankeeTR5 Dan M
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
You're on the right track - shim the body. Item number 47 ( ) can be used in conjunction with the thick rubber washers or metal ones also listed (or source/make on your own) to set the body to the correct height for your door gaps should you need that much height. Item 47 is not flat - it ramps up so in and of itself it has some "adjustability" so to speak.

Best of luck with things and way to experiment. I hope it all works out.

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