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How to remove the speedometer drive pinion assembly

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Leonardtown, MD, USA   USA
I've loosened the peg bolt (but can't get it all the way out). I've managed to pry the assembly out slightly with a screwdriver. But it won't come out any further. Am I missing something; is there a technique or trick to get it out?

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
Seems suspicious to me that you can't get the retaining bolt out. Sounds like something is messed up in there. Normally, the bolt should come out easily.

The drive can be a bit tougher. Screw on an old speedo cable (or just the nut if that's what you have) and pry under the edge of the nut, on both sides at the same time (so the force is straight out instead of at an angle).

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Leonardtown, MD, USA   USA
Thanks, Randall. The peg bolt is out about a half inch and will freely rotate by hand but I can’t pull it out all the way. I think you are right, there is something amiss in there. I’ve pried on the speedo cable nut and can pull the assembly out about 1/2 inch and that’s it! I can push it back in and pull it out the 1/2 inch with little force. Could the o-ring be jamming things?

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glcaines Avatar
glcaines Silver Member Gary Caines
Hiawassee, GA, USA   USA
I wouldn't try to pry on the drive assembly until you can get the locking bolt completely out. There really shouldn't be anything holding it. When you do pull the drive assembly make sure you put equal pressure on all sides evenly to keep from cocking it. The assembly should pull out with your fingers if everything is OK.

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Leonardtown, MD, USA   USA
Thanks. I'll take your advice and work on the locking bolt.

Leonardtown, MD, USA   USA
You were right, we had to get the peg bolt out first. This is what we learned:
It seems the previous owner, in attempting to fix the speedometer, lost the original peg bolt. He substituted a regular bolt that fit into the shaft but did not fit into the peg bolt hole. So in order to keep the assembly from rotating he really cranked down on the bolt and managed to slightly mushroom the end of it against the assembly. We had to knock the bolt out by hammering against it with a large screwdriver and hammer. We did get it out. However, in mushrooming the bolt against the assembly, he also distorted the assembly Itself and we can’t get it out! I’ll be driving with just a tach now - and that’s ok with me.

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