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TR6 spins, no start

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jtmjbda Jeff Chappell
Herriman, UT, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Mrs Thatcher"
Back to it today...
Responding to your questions:
Air valves/pistons move freely, although one is a bit lighter than the other so may be low on oil--will check tomorrow. Index tabs are lined up.
ARV was not touched during any of the process.
Last week I drained the gas from the tank, emptied the float bowls and installed a new fuel filter. Today I put in a couple gallons of fresh gas and expected great results, but no dice.
Went to Haynes manual, and even though I didn't change the length of the two throttle rods during my HVDA conversion, I checked both, and the longer one was short by a good 1/2 inch, the shorter one by about 3/8 inch, so I adjusted both to the specified lengths. The engine wanted to start, but I had to hold the pedal all the way down and the best I got was a rough low idle, which quit after 15-20 seconds. Starter fluid still works great, but as soon as it's gone she dies. All this confirms to me that ignition is not a problem, it has to be a fuel issue, possibly internal to the carbs--but WHY? Other than sit around the garage for months, the carbs were untouched from the last time I drove her, when she ran great. Could some gunk have formed inside somewhere, preventing smooth flow of gas and air through the carb? I shot some carb cleaner in there, followed by starter fluid, attempting to remedy any gunk buildup. I hope I don't have to disassemble the carbs and clean them inside out, but if you pros think that's the best answer, I'll do it...reluctantly.
Awaiting your greatly-appreciated help.

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