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Tricks to remove a stuck on victoria British spin on oil filter

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Feick2 Carl F
Madison, MS, USA   USA
Concerning VB spin on oil filter for TR6
I am sure this topic has been addressed in the past, but can’t seem to locate the string. Many years ago I converted my TR6 to the Victoria British spin on oil Filter set up including the oil filter. I have been using a filter wrench piece that fits on the bottom of the filter and connects to a 3/8 inch extension and a ratchet. This worked ok for a few years until today when even after snuggly hammering on the filter wrench piece, the ratcheting just twists the filter wrench piece back off and does not loosen the filter. The wrench piece just turns and has become “scored”on the inside. The filter also does not seem to have much/many ridges for the wrench piece to grab onto. Any suggestions on how to loosen the filter?

Thanks - Carl
Merry Christmas to all.

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tapkaJohnD Avatar
tapkaJohnD John Davies
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK   GBR
A/ Strap wrench: A loop of webbing hoes wround the filer and throrugha slot in what is basicly a long socket. It winfs up around the socket until tight on the filter, and then acts eccentically on it.

B/Chain wrench. Same as A/ with with a length of chain, sprocket drirve type.

c/ Wrench pliers. Adjustable like a pair of wtaer pump pliers, with semicircular jaws. Needa a lot of space to work in.

OR, in an 'emergency' Take a strike-through screwdriver, drive it through the fliter body, and use it as a lever to wind it off.


esmith Ed Smith
Knoxville, Tenn, USA   USA
I purchased large channel lock pliers several years ago just for this job. 100 percent success rate.

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barry s Avatar
barry s Silver Member Barry Stoll
Alexandria, VA, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB GT
1974 MG MGB
1976 Triumph TR6
1980 MG MGB
Carl - What specifically is your "filter wrench"? Is this a plastic cap that fits over the closed end aligned with the many "flats" along the last 3/4" of the filter casing? If so, I'm curious about your having to your "hammering" it on. If its the proper size it should fit with a tiny amount of twisting 'play'. I consistently use one of these on any oil filter. I do have a strap wrench as well tho seldom use. There used to be all metal strap wrenches which I never liked.

A metal cap wrench

I forgot that I also have one like this that I've not used yet.

Not a big fan of this type metal strap wrench

Cloth type strap wrench

j007 Avatar
j007 Joseph M
Madison, OH, USA   USA
I have a number of different filter wrenches depending on what car I am working on. You should try a strap wrench, I purchased one from Sears with a black rubber strap, works good and not expensive, grips filter good.

73 Triumph TR6

Feick2 Carl F
Madison, MS, USA   USA
Your first mentioned icon is the type I have used. But I believe over time it has become worn and has lost its gripping power

I wonder if could bend it slightly to enhance the gripping power

rjc157 Avatar
rjc157 ralph c
pearl river, NY, USA   USA
Hate to say it but in stead of driving yourself crazy just take the whole thing off and work on it on a bench next time apply some grease to the filter good luck

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Triumphgt6er Avatar
Triumphgt6er Jim Snell
Cave Creek, AZ, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Bubbles"
Not pretty but the screwdriver thru the filter body is usually pretty effective.

Hotshoe Avatar
Hotshoe Ken Brinkley
Portland, OR, USA   USA
As a last resort ,hammer and chisel .messy but effective .be sure and oil the new oil filter gasket and don't over tighten !

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ng19delta Avatar
ng19delta Scott Roberts
Merchantville, NJ, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Gypsy Rose T..."
C-4 But it can be "messy"...


gfe05111952 Avatar
gfe05111952 George Earwaker
Falls Church, VA, USA   USA
Carl, I've found the oil filter pliers to be effective when all else fails. Less messy than the screw driver through the filter method.

1967 Triumph GT6
1967 Triumph Spitfire4 Mk2
1968 Triumph Spitfire Mk3

Oil Filter Pliers.jpg    15.5 KB
Oil Filter Pliers.jpg

Peter-K Peter K
Central, ME, USA   USA
2nd on those oil filter pliers. Since I purchased a set several years ago, all other filter tools sit idle. ALWAYS work for me and easy to position and turn.

Hotshoe Avatar
Hotshoe Ken Brinkley
Portland, OR, USA   USA
Skip the British Victoria oil filters and go for a crossover with AC Delco or Purolator

Darth V8R Avatar
Darth V8R Vance Navarrette
Beaverton, OR, USA   USA
1980 Triumph TR8 "Wedgie"
In reply to # 1513705 by ng19delta C-4 But it can be "messy"...


... but oh, so smiley


1980 Platinum Metallic TR8, navy blue interior
Bare metal respray, Crower cam, raised compression
ported heads, modified Zenith carbs, 0.060" overbore

ThinkingD Avatar
ThinkingD Tim Dowell
Ottawa, ON, Canada   CAN
Put your catch pan under it, Take a long Philips screwdriver and punch it all the way through the filter about 1/2 way up by hitting it with a hammer. Use the screwdriver to turn the filter. Messy, but it works every time and no new tools to buy.

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