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Diff leak

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trtyme Tom Tyme
Buford, WY, USA   USA
Mine leaks out the front. Anyone tried this type of fix?

I wouldn't try on a trans but the differential hmmm

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jplatel1 jacob P
Albany, NY, USA   USA
Sounds unlikely to me that it would do anything at all. Pretty sure front seal is leather, which means it's dust by now. I think i would
just top it off occasionally to compensate for the leak or have new bearings/seals installed to fix the issue properly

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
Stuff like that can be used to swell neoprene oil seals. I am not sure if yours are neoprene or leather.

Personally I'd just replace the seal, you do not need to remove the diff from the car or the bearings.

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poolboy Avatar
poolboy Ken D
Sandy Hook, MS, USA   USA
If you're talking about the TR6 differential's pinion shaft oil seal, I don't see how it can be done without dropping the differential...If there is a way, I wish I had known.

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j007 Avatar
j007 Joseph M
Madison, OH, USA   USA
To change the pinion shaft seal you need to drop diff, also when you replace the seal you need to set preload in inch pounds on pinion nut, early diffs used solid spacer in pinion, later version used collapsible spacer. If you get lucky you can put the nut back the same amount of turns that it took to take off. Check YouTube for some videos on diff.

73 Triumph TR6

boulderroller Avatar
boulderroller Silver Member Brian Cunningham
Farmington, CT, USA   USA
1973 Triumph TR6 "Liz"
An easy fix that may reduce the leakage is to "jiggle" the cotterpin-like stopper in the diff vent hole in the case. This would relieve pressure inside the diff. Take the right rear wheel off, look for the cotterpin on the right rear of the diff. Doesn't cost anything!

1973 TR6 CF4325U
"A" Type OD
Dual Webers

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