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Carpet snap placement

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jattr6 James T
Portland, OR, USA   USA
I looked through the archives, but none show exactly what I am seeking...
Where were the snaps (male end) placed on the transmission tunnel?
There are TWO mounted on each side with pop rivets. I replaced the original fiber board a really long time ago and completely neglected
the snaps.

While I am asking, I believe the driveshaft tunnel gets FOUR snaps (TWO each side) near the bottom secured with screws.
I have two original ones which are actually deeper (about 8mm deep) than what is supplied. These have screws that go through the drive shaft cover to secure into the metal. Is there supposed to be a total of four deeper snaps?
<see picture> Presumably the TWO I have are original and presumably they are deeper to compensate for the thick padding under the carpet. Do others have similar snaps?

I believe I know where the floor pan snaps go... and I do still have the original toe board snaps.

Thanks for any photos and measurements.

I is a bit silly, but before I make a wild guess for placement, I thought I'd ask to attempt to mount as the factory mounted.


1976 TR6

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trtyme Tom Tyme
Buford, WY, USA   USA
I've been searching for a snap location photo myself. My carpets all glued in, want to do it right this time.

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