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esmith Ed Smith
Knoxville, Tenn, USA   USA
I finally got my 72 tr6 back on the road after suffering a broken crank last spring after driving the car about fifty miles. The crank broke at the #5 rod journal as the result of bad machine work. The block was also not bored for the forged CP .030 pistons that were installed, it had been bored for cast pistons so I got to bore and sleeve # 5 cyl also. I had cam bearings in the block or I would have got another block. The car was rewired with an Advance Auto Wire kit, very nice product. I used an ATP big valve head and there first up grade cam & lifters with a set of roller rockers. The motor pulls strong from 2k to 55k. I used CP Carillo rods and lightened the fly wheel about 6lbs. I got a set of 46 mm Hitchi carburetors from Paltech and they work real nice. The Hitchi carbs flow 10 percent more air than H6 SU's according to Paltech. The HVDA 5speed conversion using a w58 Toytoa transmission is another big plus in making the car a great driver. I chose to use 10 to 1 compression and I think this was a good choice. The fuel injection tr6 motors use 9.5 to 1 so I think I am ok. I am using stock timing with a little octane booster. I bought the car in 2011, put it up for a while as I gathered my parts, after making a few short trips to make sure every thing is ok, I can say my efforts have been rewarded with a very nice driver.

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