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Doctorfloss Robert K
Frederick, MD, USA   USA
Well people, I had to have the transmission replaced. I thought I had found a good deal by getting a used transmission with a warranty from British Miles in PA. I drove up there and swapped my old core for this one to save the 450 dollar round trip shipping cost. I had it installed and it's no good. It makes awful noise in 1,2 and 3. Fourth gear is ok. The overdrive also quit on the way home. The seller says he will credit the cost towards a complete rebuild. However, the shop charges 10 hours labor to R and R and he said it would take 60-90 days!! Does that sound right??I just have had no luck with this car since I got it 4 months ago.


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poolboy Avatar
poolboy Ken D
Sandy Hook, MS, USA   USA
10 hours to remove and replace....that's not awfully bad for an hourly shop, but it means he's not in a hurry and taking a few coffee breaks.
The 60 to 90 days is ridiculous. Sounds like he's sending it off to a shop like Quantum Mechanics where it's standing in line.

rjc157 Avatar
rjc157 ralph c
pearl river, NY, USA   USA
First is the car there now and 10 hrs seems somewhat high but not that far off for a qualified shop you kind of have no choice did they drive the car and see what the issues are .Like Ken says they probably are sending it to John at Quantum he gets busy this time of year I would ask them who is going to rebuild it and if their qualified make sure they guarantee the rebuild and that the overdrive still works check out Elin on youtube he has tons of vids and shows the process of rebuilding a overdrive great stuff good luck

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mgruber921 Avatar
mgruber921 Marvin Gruber
Florence, AL, USA   USA
I can remove and replace TR6 trans in 4/5 hours by myself. I don't rebuild trans, have aguy in S FL that does that for me. If he sold you a trans that was susppose to be good in the first place, don't think I would be going back to him.

rjc157 Avatar
rjc157 ralph c
pearl river, NY, USA   USA
I agree he should put it in for free

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
So he sells you a transmission that he does not KNOW is good, but he is willing to take a chance because if it IS good he pockets the money. If it is bad, he gets more work from a captive customer and pockets MORE money!

I don't think you should blame the car!

10 hours to R & R (presumably with a proper workshop) seems like an easy day. I have done better than that on the side of the road.

davem Avatar
davem dave m
vancouver island, BC, Canada   CAN
nice looking car though

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trtyme Tom Tyme
Buford, WY, USA   USA
How much did to they charge you for the defective transmission, will they accept a return?

TR 250 Avatar
TR 250 Silver Member Allan Wysmuller
Randolph, NJ, USA   USA
Whatever you do, don't blame the car, you are on a good path with the car, just not with the "good deal". If you purchase/swap with a guarantee, what was the guarantee? Sounds like they installed a trans that was guaranteed to provide them additional profit. Sometimes, as I am sure you have heard, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Whatever you paid should be refunded or you should be supplied a trans that works. Best yet is to probably lick the wound and move on to more reputable suppliers. I suggest you do some research for verifiable shops that provide good service for a reasonable price. If you are so inclined, check out the videos, read the shop manual, have a friend's help (and experience if available) and tackle the job yourself. Check out some other resources like Roadster Factory, Moss Motors, etc). Roadster has a good repair/rebuild staff, Moss has some good videos, and You Tube probably has a library of video "how to's". Good luck.

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South San Frncisco, CA, USA   USA
yes, it is not the car's fault. it is all people. p hoto looks like very very nice car.
when you get it sorted out and it drives nice, you will soon forget these travails.
if i had the time, spare cash, and younger, id buy a spare gearbox for mine and rebuild it...
get it ready for a day that might not come... my gearbox is original, less than 40k,
works like a watch well... nearly... stick with, you are almost there, but pissed, i sure get that.

j007 Avatar
j007 Joseph M
Madison, OH, USA   USA
Hang in there Robert, car looks great, when I purchased my 73 a few years ago, it looked better then it was, after I got it home I had numerous problems, but corrected them one at a time and every time I look at it in my garage a good feeling. When you correct these issues you know exactly what you have. Good luck.

73 Triumph TR6

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