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Starter Relay
  This topic is about my 1974 Triumph TR6
bluefish Al Miller
Canastota, NY, USA   USA
1952 Chevrolet 3100
1974 Triumph TR6 "TR In A Basket"
Installing a new wiring harness. Figured out I can activate the starter by jumping the white and red wire and the white and orange white at the seat belt module. I cant figure out why there is no ground to terminal W-2 of the starter relay. I can turn the car over by attaching a ground wire to the W-2 starter relay terminal. Is there a switch or connection I am missing that is preventing a ground to the W-2 terminal?

Also noticed during the process of working through the wiring to the starter relay, with the key in the on position frequently, the coil got very hot. What could be causing this? I have hear a lot of talk about issues with the resistant wire to the coil. I installed a Pertronix coil and replaced the points with a Pertronix ignitor.

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poolboy Avatar
poolboy Ken D
Sandy Hook, MS, USA   USA
You've turned your coil into a heater, by leaving the ignition key in the ON position.
Sounds like by doing so the current continued to run.
There's no telling what you've done to the Pertronix Ignitor by leaving the key in the ON position when the engine wasn't running.
That's really something to be avoided. I'm surprised their wasn't a warning against doing so in the instructions.
It's a good idea to un plug the wire(s) feeding the coil if for some reason you have to have the ignition key in the ON/RUN position without the engine running..

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TR3driver Randall Y
Confusion, Los Angeles, USA   USA
The diagram I'm looking at shows a ground wire on W2.

The Pertronix module should be fed with 12v directly from the switch (not through the ballast resistance in the wiring harness). But if you stuck with the stock coil, it still needs a ballast in series with the coil. If the stock coil is being fed with 12v (not through a resistance), it would get much hotter than usual (roughly 4 times as much heat). Also stands a good chance of causing premature failure of the Pertronix module (they are quite sensitive to overheating).

IOW if you keep the stock type coil (appx 1.5 ohm primary resistance), it needs to be wired like this

A better route IMO is to get a 3 ohm coil from Pertronix and wire it like this:

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