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Took out interior found a little rust spot

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Don.Y Avatar
Don.Y Don Yargeau
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
At first i was horrified then told myself to get on with it, its the only rust I’ve found so far, now patch it or replace floor panel ? Any suggestions.

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Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
Welcome to the forum! Passenger side looks better than mine did and the drivers side looks pretty rough. Clean up the passenger side and prepare for a drivers side replacement. How are your welding skills?

DerekM Avatar
DerekM Silver Member Derek McAllister
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Mine was the same - passenger ok, driver's in bad shape. I had the floor pan cut out and replaced by my mechanic - pics attached...
Note that the frame was good - the spots are paint, not holes (!)

Derek McAllister
Toronto, Ontario
1974 TR6 Sapphire Blue/Shadow Blue

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TruckeeTR6 C. Davis
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
If you've never done floorboard rust repair, its a great place to start learning rust repair. In my opinion, the correct way is to eliminate/cut away all cancerous metal to healthy metal, then weld in new.
Patching is fine if all you've got is a small area that can be cut away to healthy/shiny metal. A patch panel can be made from other car body parts as long as the sheet is thick enough for your preference.
Patching does not require a big financial outlay. Get the harbor freight electric cutter (looks like an electric grinder) and also if you have an air compressor, get their angle cutter. Cut till you have healthy metal and make a patch. Over lap, or get fancy and cut it exactly. I have body shop friends that I pay to do the welding. Usually $50 to $100.
There are several articles out there about replacing battery tray areas on VW Bug floor boards. Check those out to learn the techniques. In my opinion, I would never cut out a full healthy floor board if I could patch it.
WAY WAY less work, and a nice job will look...nice. HF also makes an air powered edge lapping tool to make a recessed edge for your patch to lay flush into if you want to get really fancy. Also you can screw the patch in place with sheet metal screws while fitting, or use aircraft "cleco" fasteners, which are nice but not necessary/ requiring more financial outlay. After you've welded your patch in place, seal the underside with
brush on seam sealant available at body shop supply houses. Eastwood also sells it, and clecos. IMO any other method than replacing rotten metal with fresh is just cheesy.
I once did a patch on a VW Bug battery tray/floorboard, and used about half of a replacement floorboard. The body man who welded it in place temporarily tacked it all the way around in small spots. My patch panel actually had gaps where I hadn't butted or overlapped the metal quite enough. But once he had it tacked, he used his body dollys and hammers, and hammered the panels closely, and filled in the gaps with weld.
He did a lot of hammering which is a quality method of making the new panel fit squarely/flatly/nicely to the original floor. Just fit your patch first overlapping, or cutting exactly, or making a recessed lip with the HF
Air tool, then only hammer it after it is temp welded into place. If you want to buy a patch panel, for a small area, any make/model of floor patch you can use and cut to fit.
Any questions please post and ill look at this soon.
Chuck 11/01/2017

Don.Y Avatar
Don.Y Don Yargeau
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
Thx for sharing that, yes I’m going to patch, the car seems really good other than that spot so far I bought it as a fair weather driver anyways, space in my one car garage is limiting what I can do in there, my heater fan also doesn’t work but I’m not up to taking the dash out and I’m thinking to leave it. I’m redoing the carpets door panels and seats, paints not perfect but will buff up well I think, I’m thinking I’ll get 3 to 5 years out of the patch job In that time I’ll decide how far down the rabbit hole I want to go with this car.
It’ll be an educational hobby and I know from my teens they are fun cars

Tonyfixit Avatar
Tonyfixit Tony M
Duncan, BC, Canada   CAN
Good for you, patch away!

Only you will know, and if you later decide on fitting floor pans, you can still do so.

Also, in my case I needed the practice with my mig welder.

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