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TR 6 cold starting situation

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Midgnuts Avatar
Midgnuts Silver Member Dean Webb
Medford,, OR, USA   USA
Hi all.,

Can anyone tell me if a electric fuel pump. controlled by a manual switch. will push fuel thru a mechanical fuel pump on a TR 6 "before" the the mechanical pump , OR would it pull fuel thru better "after" the the mechanical pump to aid in quicker firing the engine off.
Seems like excessive cranking of the engine before the engine fires off relying on the mechanical fuel pump on cold starts. Chokes seem to be adjusted properly but seemingly takes more cranking than necessary to fire off.

Once it fires there is a fairly normal warm up process adjusting the choke until the engine warms up but the initial firing off seems excessive with the mechanical pump only.
Also the electric pump would be a good back up in the event of a mechanical pump failure on a road trip.
Any advice on this ?


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tapkaJohnD Avatar
tapkaJohnD John Davies
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK   GBR
Why keep a dog, and bark yourself?

Ditch the mech. pump. Pro lem solved.


j007 Avatar
j007 Joseph M
Madison, OH, USA   USA
When I purchased my car two years ago it has a electric fuel pump and also the mechanical pump, electric is before manual pump, Before I start the car I turn on the electric fuel pump for a few seconds, then turn it off and it starts up fairly quick without a lot of cranking.

73 Triumph TR6

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dsixnero Avatar
dsixnero Dan Colanero
Westville, NJ, USA   USA
There should be enough gas in the carb bowl to start the car

poolboy Avatar
poolboy Ken D
Sandy Hook, MS, USA   USA
Yeah, something else is wrong..

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