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volleyball Ray C
Albany, NY, USA   USA
Having had a Lexus for years, It is a smooth power and if you want auto, then it would be a good way to go. The question is really the fit. If a drivetrain fits without re-engineering the vehicle, just a few tweaks then you get that somewhat original feel. That is good if you want that, not so great if you don't.
If you want to live with old technology for the few hours a month you will endure than keep yours stock. If you have gotten used to the innovations that the triumph engineers hadn't dreamed of doing.
My Triumph was a daily driver for 8 years, but I was a lot younger then. There are changes I made then and there will be more made in the future. I am thinking ecoboost 4 cyl with 5 speed may be nice.
As for the OP, don't be put off by those that say you have to stay manual. Muscle cars have always been available with auto in the US. A lot of them are faster than sticks, especially if you are not driving the car regularly.
If you do up the torque significantly, a rollbar does a lot to stiffen the frame.

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YTJOHN Silver Member John F
Yorktown, NY, USA   USA
Two concerns about the Lexis swap you're considering. One is room for the automatic transmission. Haven't measured one (Lexis owners around here are touchy about this) but I expect they are a great deal larger than a TR 4-speed. My second is that all of the V8 into TR conversions I've seen required extra U-joints in the steering column to clear the exhaust manifold on that side of the V8. That's a no starter for me, as it must sacrifice some of the great steering feel these cars have. I'd stick with an inline engine for this swap to keep the stock steering setup.

BraxtonO Avatar
BraxtonO Gold Member Braxton O
Raleigh, NC, USA   USA

Check out The British V8 website for ideas and issues. Lot of good info there - virtually no judgement as you’re among the more like minded. I haven’t done what you’re contemplating, but have given it some thought. I would definitely do a manual gearbox - auto’s are great in daily-driver, but I actually enjoy shifting when I’m running one of the LBCs. As far as classic originality goes - you’ve built/rebuilt some beautiful cars - with respectful mods. Nut and bolt originality for most TR6s is long past - what with all the reproduction Low-cost-country parts, electronic ignition, 5 speed swaps.

I’m sure the Lexus V8 is a great motor - I would be concerned about the overall package size. That’s the primary reason that many LBC V8 swaps use the Rover (old Buick) V8 - same engine in the TR8. But it won’t get you the hp of the modern Lexus engine. Either way - I think you would want to strengthen the frame - swap the diff to something rated for higher power, and upgrade the axle haft-shafts. Brakes too as you mentioned.

For me - I would want keep the entire assembly beneath the bonnet - no bulges or scoops. And not end up with an awkwardly placed or too-far back shifter. Just personal preference things. It can be done - British V8 shows some good examples. You certainly have the technical expertise. As I suspect you realize, it is still a challenging task.

But there are a lot of worse ways to spend your time and money. Other comments not-with-standing, Shelby certainly proved it can be a worthwhile endeavor. Good luck.


" You know - I love this thing. She's got a few leaks, but it's only the engine, gearbox, and the diff - so not too bad....."

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w147ik Avatar
w147ik Heinrich Koncki
George, Western Cape, South Africa   ZAF
1963 Morris Mini Traveller "Moritz"
2001 BMW Z3 "Wife's Car"
Braxton thank you for the encouragement.

To me it was/is an idea to play a bit with car(wreck), that at your side of the pond would be in the scrapyard.
No history, wrong engine (Triumph 2500) although same block. seats non original....
Whatever I would build it should look at the first and second glance as original as possible. No body mods and fancy wheels.

But the project is on hold and the proceeds from the sale of The Baron went into the purchase of a 58 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 and also financed the rebuild of my 63 Mini Traveller. Two iconic cars I always wanted.
And then I really would like to find a TR4 in need of restoration and build a works rally replica.


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allzway Avatar
allzway James P
Paris, TX, USA   USA
I say do what makes YOU happy. I have modified TR7's with Buick and Ford V6's. Definitely does not ruin the driving experience.

Now.. The TR6 I am building I plan to keep pretty original, but for no real reason. If the engine had serious problems, I will likely change it out also.

neolus Neil Teika
Christchurch, Rolleston, New Zealand   NZL
Hi Heinrich following on from where we left off. We've started the project. I've passed the project onto a custom car "guru". Here's a few pic's as we go. I'll keep you updated as we go.

6 coming out.JPG    69.9 KB
6 coming out.JPG

Clutch fork & cyl clearance.JPG    46.7 KB
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V8 first trial fit.JPG    64.9 KB
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Tappet cover clearance.JPG    60.1 KB
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