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Getting ready to buy my first Triumph

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Sapphire Avatar
Sapphire Walt P
York, PA, USA   USA
That looks really nice, Ben. That's the way to buy one.
Is it a '72? Overdrive works? I'll bet it was expensive ($17K)?, nice dash, nice steering wheel, nice Shadow Blue seats.

You will need an 8 point (not 6 nor 12) 7/16", 3/8" drive socket to be able to remove the square gearbox fill plug.
You will need a 6 point (not 8 nor 12) 7/8", 3/8" drive socket & a flex coupling, plus extensions that you probably have already, to remove the block hex bolt above the starter motor, so that you can flush the engine block.
Get an ARE (Alexander Racing Enterprises) special tool/wrench that will fit the rear square break adjuster, other end fits the square engine sump plug (but won't reach the gearbox fill plug).

Are the semi-trailing arm brackets the adjustable camber type?
Have the front differential mount brackets been boxed in?

Could you post a pic of the engine bay from both sides?

1972 CC80594U Sapphire Blue

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palermo russ n
Providence, northeast, USA   USA
Welcome Ben:
Rust never rests.
Buy the best body/and frame you can afford.
It's "pay me now or pay me later".
If you find a rust free one , everthing else bolts on.
You can make it last and always get your money back if you need to
2.) British car day (mid June ) and Day of Triumph (late July)
at the Larz Anderson museum of Transportation in Brookline in summer
usually has a TR6 for sale. Not sure why .Everyone there already has one.
3.) Check with all the Triumph clubs. They are numerous. Most have classifies ad sections
where members sell cars and parts. Member enthusiasts tend to be more honest and helpful.
Good Luck.

dk pony Avatar
dk pony David C
MT Carmel, TN, USA   USA
1972 Triumph TR6 "Melvin"
Congrats on the TR6 purchase.
I do wish I had bought mine in running and driving condition but it is what it is .(see signature photo)

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