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wheel cylinder fitment issue

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Darth V8R Avatar
Darth V8R Vance Navarrette
Beaverton, OR, USA   USA
1980 Triumph TR8 "Wedgie"
In reply to # 1432377 by tomshobby
In reply to # 1431292 by A. Bradley Ordered and put in those new ones they all sell and the new ones started to leak heavy in no time. Maybe two weeks?

Anyway, those larger cylinders from a Morgan have worked like a champ.

I ordered new Morgan cylinders and one leaked before I even got the car off the jack stands. Not only did they leak but the machining was so bad that they were nearly impossible to fit. Not knowing I had bought a cheap set from a normally trustworthy vendor. I then bought a set of TRW cyls and have had no further problems. They cost about twice as much but are by far the better choice.


It will be interesting to see how you fare with the Morgan Cylinders. I too fitted Morgan cylinders to my TR6, and was initially quite happy with the improved braking. Over time, it seemed my brake shoes must have bedded in, because within a year I found my rear brakes were locking prematurely under hard braking, to the point I felt that the rear end was trying to come around. Very unnerving.

I ended going back to the original specification rear cylinders, which solved the premature lockup issue. I concluded that depending on your brake shoe material you risk getting into a dangerous situation under heavy braking. I never had the rear end actually try to come around, but I had a couple of events where the rear tires were locked and the handling got very squirrely.

So don't throw away your old cylinders until you have some miles on the new ones and you are certain the modification is performing as it should.



1980 Platinum Metallic TR8, navy blue interior
Bare metal respray, Crower cam, raised compression
ported heads, modified Zenith carbs, 0.060" overbore

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tomshobby Avatar
tomshobby Tom Smith
Windsor, WI, USA   USA
Thanks Vance, I will watch for that. One of the reasons I put them on is that I sometimes pull a trailer with my TR6. Often on longer trips for example through Canada and the west coast.

Tom Smith
1976 TR6
1974 Midget

Sapphire Avatar
Sapphire Walt P
York, PA, USA   USA
Milt, In response to your PM:

It was frustrating- not knowing if the problem was the new (TRF) wheel cylinder, or the old metal brake line.
After replacing the wheel cylinder, it still leaked.
So, I ordered a new brake line (special fittings- they have them at TRF) from TRF.
I ordered an unbent one- if I was to do it again I would pay TRF to special bend it- hopefully for a slightly better fit.

Anyway, the new brake line did the trick in sealing the leak at the joint fittings of the line-to-cylinder.

I used some anti-seize on the threads and started the threads together very carefully with fingers sensitive to their mating.
That fixed the leak problem, what relief!

BTW--- make sure that you get the two shims in the correct orientation-- the ones that fix the wheel cylinder in place.
2nd photo shows how they should be fitted.

1972 CC80594U Sapphire Blue

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