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Mail From: (email redacted) (DUHART JOHN)

Hey All,

OK, one of the things that has always interested me is the various
numbers on my TR6. Yesterday I took down the following numbers (Before
the cold of the garage forced me back to the house)

Production plate (Drivers side door) Nov 1972 CF16XXX

Eng CC8XXXXUE (I'm not sure about the E, just off the top of my head)

Bodyshell (passengers side of battery) T 72XXX CF

CF16XXX from the production plate is suppose to mean the car is a 1974

CC8XXXXUE is suppose to mean the engines is pre-1973 (CF1 ?)

T 72XXX CF on the bodyshell is anyones guess since the CF series is not
suppose to go as high as 70,000.

I believe the bodyshell is the original, and goes with the production
plate because the color called out on the production plate can be found
under the current white paint the car has.

Anyone have any clue as to what the store is. I know the drive train
might not be orig, but then again it may be.



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