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For Sale: Spit 6/GT6 Convertible project #1

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Mail From: "Bill Gingerich" <(email redacted)>

Greetings, All,

Those of you that have been around the Spitfire lists for a while will
probably find that this message sounds familiar, as I've made this offer
before. Some time ago I realized that my GT6 Convertible project wasn't
likely to be completed in my lifetime. Continued unemployment has
reaffirmed that belief. So once again I'm offering the project for sale.
This project includes almost all of the raw pieces you need to build the
car. Here is the basic list:

. Frame, suspension, brakes, steering, gauges, wheels/tires and drive
train from a '71 GT6.
. A rust free '76 Spitfire tub with title, and the various pieces to
assemble it.
. GT6 Mk III bonnet.
. Your choice of complete Spitfire or GT6 doors.
. Your choice of high back or low back seat frames with tracks.
. GT6 wiring harness, soft top frame, chrome bumpers, windshield,
lights, trunk lid/luggage rack, and rear shock top mount brackets.

Some things that I know are missing include the wood dash, transmission
tunnel, gas tank, soft top, and interior trim. Plan to rebuild all the
brakes and suspension. The engine ran in 2004, but has been sitting since.
It is not frozen. I have a couple of pictures from 2004, but nothing
recent. The car is buried in storage right now, so getting new pictures
will take a little time.

The Spit tub is one of the cleanest I've ever seen. It has no rust beyond
some very minor surface rust. There is a small dent in the left rear wing
near the marker light hole. The GT6 bonnet has no dents in the nose, and
surface rust only. It has the standard cracks around the latches. The GT6
chassis is clean, but will probably need new outriggers. The bolt holes in
the ones on it got damaged when removing the old GT6 tub. The tires will
hold the car up, but are not drivable.

The project is in storage near Mankato, MN. I'd really like to sell this
project as a unit.

Last but not least: I'm asking $1000 for the whole package.


(email redacted)
Suggested annual donation $11.47

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