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So last night, after work(weird working on the car on non-weekend days), I did some initial testing of the new components I bought. Hooked up the fuel meter to the wires, turned on ACC & played around with the armature. It was good. Was able to move it up & down without issue.

I put the meter back onto the new tank + gasket + locking ring, and I think I realized what went wrong on my fuel float repair many moons ago. I most likely put the assembly together in the wrong order. Instead of going tank-gasket-meter-ring, I may have switched around the meter & gasket wrong. That would explain the minor leak. Why? When I put the new assembly back together(the right way), the locking ring went on relatively easy, without having to overdo it on the tightening part. No tangs needed to touch tabs on the tank part.

I tested this theory by filling it with water & turning it downward(assembly facing down). Dry as a bone. Filled it all the way with water. No leaks at all. Siphoned it out with the aid of the fuel feed line(wish I knew I could have done that before) & now it's ready to be put in the car.

With that in mind, I'm also switching over to screw clamps instead of those black spring-loaded clamps you need a pair of pliers to remove. Those are going around the fuel filter to ensure it won't slip off & drastically cut down my MPG.

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