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Mail From: "Jim Muller" <(email redacted)>

We've been fighting a locking rear brake on the Caravan for months.
Once it got so hot so quickly it blew the tire. It's been diagnosed
as just an over-tight brake, a malfunctioning parking brake, a
malfunctioning self-adjusting mechanism. Lots of parts have been
replaced. They just hired a new certified master mechanic and he
finally diagnosed it as a bad hose, much like us LBC guys have to
worry about. Apparently he pressure-tested it. Only trouble is, the
part is a single hose running form the front to both back wheels, it
cost over $400, they have to pull the gas tank out to install it, and
oh by the way the nearest one is 3 days away.

So for the past two days I've driven the GT6 to work, 110 miles round
trip. Today as I'm sitting in traffic through town only a quarter of
a mile from home I start hearing a horrible grinding, crunching,
rubbing sound. If the tranny is in neutral and I depress the clutch,
it stops. If I release the clutch with the tranny in neutral, it
starts up. When the car is rolling, if I depress the clutch and put
it in neutral the noise stops. If I depress the clutch and put it in
any gear, the noise starts up. The common element in these
combinations is the laygear. Spin the laygear and it ain't happy.
After that wonderful trip to Mt. Desert and two day trips to work, it
decided to get sick so close to home. St. Lucas must have been
looking out for me. But now I have to tear the tranny down again.
Oh well, it's been whining a lot lately anyway.

So I'm down to only one car. The Spitfire has been sitting in the
garage, battery slowly going down and already in negative numbers.
It needed inspection last October. However with a starter battery
attached he fired right up. Maybe tomorrow I can get it inspected
early in the morning then go to work.

Anybody got a spare free month they can lend me?

Jim Muller
(email redacted)
'80 Spitfire, '70 GT6+

(email redacted)
Suggested annual donation $11.47

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