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Mail From: RON OHLENKAMP <(email redacted)>

> Today's Topics:
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> Message: 1
> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 11:43:40 -0700
> From: "Steve Miller" <(email redacted)>
> Subject: [Spits] weber dvg 32/36 jets
> To: <(email redacted)>
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> Howdy!
> Can't find a good reference on this issue. Does anybody have
> recommendations for jet numbers for a weber dvg running in a '78 1500
> Thanks for any info!
> Steve

Steve, Having never owned or usd a DVG, I found this article online and after
careful consideration, did a copy paste for your benefit. I think the fellow
is spot on in describing the application and results, and I believe this would
work well for your application.

Ron O.


I have had many requests for the carb jetting used on my stock and slightly
tired '73 2002 motor since I have often waxed lyrical about the smooth
operation at any RPM and the complete absence of deadspots and bog on
acceleration from a stop. So here they are. Credit for these settings goes to
Creighton Demarest.
Primary Jets
Main: 140
Air Corrector: 145
Idle: 60
Secondary Jets
Main: 170
Air Corrector: 175
Idle: 55
In addition, plug the small brass high-speed enrichment orifice in the top
cover of the carb since this extra, coarse fuel supply is not needed with this
jetting. This mod may have solved a problem I had with clouds of black smoke
on WOT. I used a carefully-sized round toothpick to plug the hole. I cut it to
length so that it is held tightly in place when the top cover of the carb was
secured, no epoxy or sealant is necessary.
I have recently found that using 55pri/50sec idle jets works well for me and
may be just a little easier on fuel consumption.
Overall, I have found that fuel consumption has not increased noticeably,
except perhaps from the extra "testing" of throttle response I now do. Effects
on emissions compliance are unknown at this time but I doubt it is very severe
and certainly not likely a problem at idle. Slighlty smaller main jets,
perhaps 130 and 160, would probably bring the loaded CO back in line with
minimal performance loss.

End of Spitfires Digest, Vol 4, Issue 30

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