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Can anybody with an MG midget (or info about) confirm an engine number
FP69710UE as a 1979 MG Midget 1500 engine. I just picked this up at a very
good price, and am going to use it in my wife's Spitfire. Just so I can
confirm parts (Triumph of course) replacement - Its a complete long block,
looks like it hasn't been worked on (at least seriously) and had about 80K
on it so it's definitely in need of a rebuild. Plugs looked sooty, but dry
(number 3 had a very slight oil to it, and confirmed .010 thrust washer
movement - so it looks like I got a winner!
I'm hoping I can just polish up the journals and install new bearings, but
that will have to wait till I can open'er up

Barry Schwartz

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