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Mail From: Mike Sharp <(email redacted)>


Jonmac has already covered what the factory did and there is absolutely
nothing I can add to that. I'm going to guess that Derek is asking
about how the body was supported before the suspension was mounted
because he wants to make his own dolly or rotisserie.

I've got detailed pictures of both a dolly and a rotisserie that I've
been using during my restoration efforts. If this is of interest I can
email them or put them up on a web site somewhere.

A large (4x12"?) beam, standing on the 4" side, through bolted to the
main suspension mounting points. (it was handy and saved me from having
to figure out other ways of working out the different in heights between
the front and rear mounting points) A 4x4" stud with large rubber
stoppers under the main mounting points under the rear seat , bolted
through this point. The front and the rear and bolted together using
angle iron. Apply industrial castors as you find necessary. :-)

*way* to complex to describe without pictures. Two arm assemblies are
used to attach the body to the rotisserie. The front assembly picks up
the main crossmember mounting points and brings them together at a
single point roughly in front of the radiator. The rear assembly picks
up all four of the suspension mounting points and brings them together
at a point roughly where the license place is. The front assembly was
fairly straightforward to make. The rear assembly took three or four
tries before I got one that was stout enough. The rear assembly also
look some minor amounts of machining and lathe work to make standoffs.
Of particular note here is that the main rear mouting points are not
flat with respect to the ground. You need to take this into account
when using them.

The pictures are quite impressive. I've got my parts car up in mid air
and rotated fully over on its side. No Triumphs were harmed during the
filming of this exercise. My parts car is safely back on its suspension

I suppose the lawyers should insert something here about my not being
responsible if you're foolish enough to think that I know what I'm doing
or that you'd be safe in duplicating what I've done. I can't think of a
quicker way to die horribly than to have a rotisserie give out and drop
a whole car on you. Ick! Its for this reason that I've been holding
off on sending the pictures to Sixappeal.


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