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Please help with cars. UK Dolomites. Bit long?

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Mail From: "Graham Stretch" <(email redacted)>

Hi Folks
As it says above I need some help. I have two cars in my possession, one was
intended to be a bit of therapy for a friend suffering from depression, we
were going to put it back together and flog it but he really isn't
interested in it. This car has to go as it is on housing association land
and the scrapman called for it this morning!! The other has just been left
to me by a young lady (who is moving) with the express written instructions
"Look after her well Please." Both cars need some work, and 2 small welded
repairs in common Dolomite places. Neither is ready for the scrap man, on
the other hand neither is likely to win a concourse. "YET" worse condition
cars have made it back!!

It is a bit like Jack Mc said in a posting yesterday!
"Let me warn you : now that you've bought the 2nd one, people who know
this will start to tell you about other opportunities to pick up another
finally people you've never met will start to call and email asking if you
want another one - each opportunity will become harder to pass up because
will start to feel that these forlorn, neglected little hardtops (any
Triumphs) actually
need you !"

So do any of you out there want, or know someone else who want a

Dolomite 1300 for the effort of putting it back together and a little easy
welding, as far as I can tell you it is 2x 1 inch hole on the structure and
the rear of the roof where the vents are. I could do the welding in the
structure but only if I know that there is someone who wants it.

Dolomite 1500 for the effort of getting it started and 2x 1 inch holes in
the structure.
I could do the welding in the structure (Free) and MOT it at cost but only
if I know that there is someone who wants it.

PLEASE help to save these two under rated classics!!
Could someone on the Spitfire list please post it there for me as I no
longer subscribe, Thanks.


If you have read this far, Thanks and sorry about the bandwidth used.

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