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[triumph_2000] 6 Cylinder head identification

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Mail From: "John Macartney" <(email redacted)>

Hi, Bill

>Being a relative novice when it comes to Triumph 6 cylinder engines,
I could
>do with a few pointers with identifying the correct cylinder head
type for
>our 1968 2000 Mk1. I want to obtain a spare head for an unleaded
>rather than rely on one being available on exchange when we need it -
>unlikely if 1200 cylinder head availability is anything to go by!
> So what identifies the appropriate head? Are all Mk1 2-litre heads
>the same? Casting numbers? How to identify (and avoid!) a 1600 head?

You could do a lot worse than talk to 2000 guru, Chris Witor. ISTR he
wrote extensively on this matter in SIXappeal some 2 or 3 years back
on selecting the best head for gasflowing. Interestingly, there are
quite a number of different types for this engine (as shown in the
Register's Service Notes) - recognising different deck heights,
variable exhaust valve diameters and comp ratios for all markets.
I believe there is a reasonable range of interchangeability between
earlier and later engines. Remember that early Mk 1's had 3/8 dia head
studs! Chris' recommendation was to go for a 219015 or 219016 head.
This is identified by the number that is stamped on a small plinth in
the region of cyls 2 & 3 on the RH side. This is for the later cars
and although the exhaust valve diameter is some 30mm dia instead of
32mm on earlier models, the overall gas flow properties are allegedly
the best you can get as a result of much improved porting and
Chris' phone number is 07000 2000 25.

Cheers, Jonmac

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