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[triumph_herald] Brake pipe flaring kits - best deal?

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Mail From: Davies William-qswi646 <(email redacted)>

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From: Philip Willcocks [mailto:(email redacted)]
> Well I known that Halfords do a kit for about #100 for a fairly decent
looking tool.
> Otherwise Machine Mart do a couple of kits.

The Machine Mart kits don't look any better than the other high street
stuff. I'll see what the local Halfords has to offer - I'd forgotten that
they do a lot of decent Sykes Pickavant stuff nowadays.

> I bought a cheapo kit for about #20 and it seemed to work okay, difficult
to justify spending
> 140GBP on a professional tool when the shop in the high street will flare
pipes for a quid a go.

It's the convenience of being able to make them one piece at a time rather
than ripping them all out and getting them made in one go - I like the easy
life. I've got at least 3 cars worth to do in the near future which does
make it seem slightly less financially extreme. But 140 does seem enough to
make me baulk - if nothing turns up beforehand I'll see what I can find at

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