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[TR] beer tasting at VTR 2010

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Mail From: marty sukey <(email redacted)>

Hi Tom. A six or eight pack will be fine, or whatever you want to bring. The
way it works is we open our bottles and set them on a big table. I provide
glasses and folks walk around and sample the different beers, so it's not like
you have to provide a bottle for everybody. Looking forword to trying your
Red Ale. I should be bottling a special batch in a few weeks. Hope it is ready
by October. There was some really great beers at the last one.


> From: (email redacted)
> To: (email redacted)
> Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 18:20:11 -0400
> Subject: [TR] beer tasting at VTR 2010
> Just bottled up a batch of Red Ale. It should be good for Jekyll Island.
> Having not been able to attend the other beer tasting and seeing that it's
> the schedule, what's a good number of 12oz bottles to bring along. I know
> opening myself up to very large numbers, but this is a fairly serious
> question. I'm in the space is limited. Although, Janet could
> some in the Stag ;^)
> Tom
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