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Mail From: "Robert M. Lang" <(email redacted)>

Hello Fellow 6packers.

This message is a solicitation. Plain and simple. Feel free to delete it.

Each year New England Region / Sports Car Club of America runs a charity event
called Racing Against Leukemia. Each of the specialties (club racing, solo and
rally) hold various events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH with
the express intent of raising money for a named charity, in this case The UMass
Memorial Foundation.

I have set up a donation page at

where you can donate to my effort. There's a bit of explantory text there.

This is a totally legit, 100% deductably 501.c.3 charity.

Now, if you have a passing interest in autocross or any other activity that
NER/SCCA runs, feel free to stop by this weekend - or even better bring your
car and run it in one of the events!! It's for a good cause and all proceeds go
to the named charity. Details of the weekend are posted at the ner web site:

Thanks for reading this and we appreciate any contributions that you can make.

p.s. if I've helped you fix your car over the last 12 months, think of
this as a way to pay me back.
Bob Lang Triumph TR6!! | This space for rent
2010 NER Solo Chair |
Voice:617-253-7438 | Cell: 339-927-4489
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