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1 Week Left to Get Orders in for 2010 TRials Regalia

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Mail From: "Dave Waldorf" <(email redacted)>

There is now just 1 week left to get an order in for the embroidered TRials
regalia in order to have it for the event. That means that all snail-mail
orders should go out in the next day or 2 if they're going to filled for the
prices offered! After 8/17 ALL orders received will be subject to a postage
charge, and the polo shirt/hat/fleece will not be mailed until after the

All three items are now available on the TRials web page
(, where there is a printable order
form for mailing in orders.

We went all-out this year for regalia, getting high-end hats, shirts, &
(Columbia brand) fleeces, and the response has been great (especially for
the polo shirt). We don't have the usual cheap printed t-shirt and
sweatshirt to pick from this year, just top quality brand name items
embroidered w/ the event logo. Given the wide selection and personalization
available for each item, it will NOT be possible for us to have a stock of
these shirts available at the show for individual purchase, YOU MUST ORDER
WHAT YOU WANT! Quite a few of the items we're offering aren't available
blank for the prices we've been able to offer (Thank you Billy-Ray!!!).

If you don't get your order in today you WILL regret it.

(email redacted)

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