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Topaz75 Avatar
Topaz75 Ken Woolley
Cheshire, CT, USA   USA
1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500 "Little Star"
Why is it that my wife always insists upon bringing along her "walking shoes" whenever I take her for a ride in the Spitfire?

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the elder rocker Avatar
the elder rocker Mike Burgess
Did she ever own an Italian car in the past?grinning smiley

dsixnero Avatar
dsixnero Dan Colanero
Westville, NJ, USA   USA
She brings those shoes for the same reason that I bring my cell phone.

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South San Frncisco, CA, USA   USA
i was descending 395 south mga 1971 smelled things, car slowing, stopped, right disk rotor red hot... let cool, asnt even using brakes...
limped into next town. gas station let me rummage through their collection nuts and bolts and odd ends gaskets.
i isolated that brake hose... drove carefully next couple hundred three four home to sf... mindind that car pulled to righ on hard braking ... but made it home...
my LBCs over years have given me hardly more trouble miles driven than anything else... even with ignorant care...
and have responded well when necessary to band aids... try that with offerings from other lands...

DerbyRam54 Neville Wardle
Branford, CT, USA   USA
Ken, there's a very simple explanation for your wife's behaviour. I imagine like most of us you generally drive your Spitfire on relatively rural roads amid the pleasant scenery of our wonderful state. Your wife simply wants to be prepared for an impromptu hike to some scenic overlook or waterfall and so on.
She probably has her dress shoes in a handbag or similar. You could try peeking in there to see if she carries a big jar of industrial hand cleaner...

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