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Considering Restoring a Morris Minor.. Pros & Cons?

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bstogsdill Avatar
bstogsdill Bradley Stogsdill
Greenbrier, Arkansas!, USA   USA
Now that my Spitfire project is nearly finished I am thinking ahead to my next project...I would like something smallish and relatively economical and good parts availability.

I like the looks of the morris minor and considering restoring one. Any body else got a morris minor or have advice regarding the minor vs maybe a GT6 ir a TR3? I suspect TR3 to be more costly but it is also a beautiful car. I reckon gt6 would be fine but a bit cramped like the spit...a long trip might be rough, im sort of tall and not very thin.

I am thinking the Minor would maybe be a notch higher in comfort..some room to move or stretch but still small enough to fit into my work area. I could make a roller or rotater for the body to work on all sides.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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scouser1929 Avatar
scouser1929 Kenneth Edgar
Hudson, NC, USA   USA
1958 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon (2-door) "Bender"
1961 Chevrolet Corvair "Little Red Corvair"
1961 Ford Zephyr
1966 Triumph Spitfire MkII "The Spit"    & more
I like the Minors myself. Minors have a reputation for being tough little cars. I'm still putting one back together but it's slow going as I have four other projects going on at the same time, including my brother-in-law's MGB. I've never messed with a TR3 or GT6 but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity. Unfortunately I don't have room for anything else unless I get rid of one and I'm unwilling to do so.

Pros and cons for the Morris, from what I've personally seen so far:

Pros: small and nimble, quite economical on petrol, good parts availability (even body panels), easy to work on, reliable drivetrain if not abused (and still usually runs even if abused)

Cons: underpowered, small petrol tank, prone to rust in a lot of hidden areas (especially the front chassis legs and attachment points for the rear axle), more and more people wanting big money for a rust bucket

As for parts suppliers, I've had good luck with Bull Motif in the UK and Old Phartz Parts in CA (no affiliation to either).

I'm sure others will chime in.

trjohnnie John Malinick
Mirror Lake, NH, USA   USA
Never put $25 grand in a car that will only be worth $12 grand. Labor is the same on any car restoration. Get a car that will bring you a better return unless it a car with a ton of sentimental meaning.

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ng19delta Avatar
ng19delta Scott Roberts
Merchantville, NJ, USA   USA
1974 Triumph TR6 "Gypsy Rose T..."
Do what you want and have fun. You can't take money with you when you go, and leaving it to someone else only encourages them to remove you sooner!


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