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1974 Triumph TR6

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 37,000 mi (59,546 km) — Average age: 1974

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Getting To Good Running

Posted on: Tuesday May 22, 2018

has been a long road, four years... dumbshit I am...ok that settled... I have had the car running since end 2014, after 21 year hiatus(clutch things I too busy)... so finally back to running... 2014/2015... if fitfully. in 2017, august I felt I had conquered it... finally ran well... or seemed to... progressivly have made it a little bit better. today! I revisited "Idle trimming screws" describe page 40/41 owners handbook and elsewhere... describing these screws, springloaded on strombergs a...

Cruising In First

Posted on: Friday May 4, 2018

a run to the post office. signals 6pm of all things. outbound ok, but return trip was to be miserable as traffic would play intersection bluff all the way home... so it was. found interesting...the six would idle along in first gear, foot off clutch, off gas.. not perfectly smooth, but close... it surprised me. getting home a mere two miles took time, as largely traffic was halted... but at times it was possible to crawl in first at idle. to my surprise oil pressure held and indicated...

Bumper Overriders 1974 Tr6

Posted on: Wednesday April 4, 2018

my first ownership of tr is the made in october 1974. through years I read that the cogniscenti , purists, dont like the black rubber overriders bumper front and rear... i never thought it was a big deal, I think they look fine. impaling the soft sides of other cars, can't be al bad. Largely we are in a different age, anyone who can find the ignition can get a driver licebse and wreak wiles on others. I see such dipshit driving, on road, in the parking lot.... people thinking the car wil...

Car Condition

Posted on: Sunday March 4, 2018

replaced clutch master and slave cylinders... now have pair of TRW, previously a TRW and Classic Gold...Where do you measure.70, a linebacker could get through it... Clutch action, gear engagement now again flawless, though must say this is just 6000 miles and near four years into re-enlistment of !974 TR6 on the road again... added to that: engine has been running generally very well, but yesterday and today... march 4/5... runs so fine I don't dare open the hood looking for trouble. To ...

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