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Car Condition

Posted on: Sunday March 4, 2018

replaced clutch master and slave cylinders... now have pair of TRW, previously a TRW and Classic Gold...Where do you measure.70, a linebacker could get through it... Clutch action, gear engagement now again flawless, though must say this is just 6000 miles and near four years into re-enlistment of !974 TR6 on the road again... added to that: engine has been running generally very well, but yesterday and today... march 4/5... runs so fine I don't dare open the hood looking for trouble. To ...

New Gearbox Oil, New Leak

Posted on: Monday February 19, 2018

To save the mess and disposal, I brought engine oil and filter to a mechanic who has done fine work on my other cars. As near afterthought I asked him to change out gearbox and differential oil, but had forgot to bring my own for that. When picking up car he said there were "minor" leaks gearbox ,diff... or both Indeed I see a puddle on garage floor after car sits for a couple days. It is more all at once than I have seen since getting on road two years ago. Wondering if he managed to ...

Replacement Carbon Cannister

Posted on: Sunday December 31, 2017

In the past six months some dark impulse led me to replace carbob canister... that sends vapors back to fuel tank. Original made by Coopers, England... Moss replacement from u no where. the three inlet spouts on top... two were "bent" not straight.. and clearly the quality overall not like old days...I sensed the plastic body was brittle... and so it is true. after a run today I peeked under the bonnet. the hose from underside of carb to canister, catywumpus at canister... touched it, an...

Cars In England

Posted on: Wednesday December 13, 2017

so i was in part of England in June, killing time in Londre three days before embarking to Southampton and the Queen Elizabeth for a two week tour...Holland, the Orkneys, bits of Ireland, Wales, and fabulous end stop Gurnesey... before back to Southampton. what I did not see: "old" cars... little or none of Triumph, MG, Jag, Healy... they must keep them quiet in the dark, lock and key. is explained to me by some closer to the ground that socialist country policy dictates against old gassers....

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