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1976 MG Midget MkIII Red tom shumaker

1976 MG Midget MkIII
1980 Triumph TR7 Drophead White tom shumaker

1980 Triumph TR7 Drophead

1980 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition White tom shumaker

1980 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition

3 Vehicles — Total mileage: 162,000 mi (260,714 km) — Average age: 1979

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Posted on: Thursday April 12, 2012

I've been waiting most of the winter to start working on my little car,waiting for my friend to return from Florida to open his garage to get on a lift. Well the brakes needed some attention because I've seen cracks in the rubber brake lines. We dismantled the brakes down to the spindle and found the original ball bearings rolling on the floor. thanks to my friend who showed me the procedures to redo the calipers which one was starting to stick. Well newly conditioned calipers and rotors pads ...

Electrics On The Steering Colum

Posted on: Saturday June 11, 2011

Wipers didn't work all the time ,the turn signals wouldnt turn off and the ignition switch was acting up New parts arrived yesterday and this morning Maggie gets a makeover disasemble went pretty good until the drill bit broke while taking off the ignition lock and smashed into the fuel gauge #%>' oops. Well all went together well and all works great. I guess a new (used) fuel gauge is my next project

Not Sure Of Her Past

Posted on: Sunday October 10, 2010

Spent yesterday working on Maggie changed fluids in rear end and gearbox adjusted brakes and on to figuring out why she rattles going down the road found out the nut onthe end of the gearbox was loose also the rear mounts were loose ( the rattle) I'm a happy camper. The noise is gone. Also detoxed the engine going for a drive today. Wish I knew more of her history.

Wind Deflector For Midget

Posted on: Friday August 27, 2010

maggee with her new wind deflector

Just purchased my first mg midget and with my wife with long hair she didn't like the wind blowing forward in her face. I started checking out wind screens on eBay. Not finding any for the midget I settled on a windscreen that fit a mgb. The company said it would not fit but I tried it anyway. Upon receiving the windscreen I modified the brackets so that they would fit behind the seat belt housing and the problem of the hair on the face is much reduced. It also fits under the top or I can Flip i...

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