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1978 Triumph 1500 Inca Yellow Anthony Kurilla

1978 Triumph 1500

1996 Ford Ranger Pickup

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 215,088 mi (346,151 km) — Average age: 1987
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New Hood Looks Good

Posted on: Monday March 14, 2016

New hood installed by a local upholstery shop looks fantastic. Wiggles lost power again and looks be the sediment in the fuel tank. Finally pulled the tank and cleaned it out real well by filtering the fuel repeatedly and swishing it around in the tank. Painted the tank and ordered some new parts for the gasket around the fuel filler neck and a new neck. Once I get those parts back in I can get some new snaps on the tonneau cover and maybe pull the carb to check the float level per my color...

New Robbins Top Is Close!

Posted on: Friday June 19, 2015

Finished rebuilding the hood frame and painted it. The DPO had left it uncovered and in the elements with enormous holes. I am ready to have a local upholstery shop install it since I want it to look good once complete. I think the extra money will be well worth it.

Carb Installed...No Heat Shield

Posted on: Friday June 19, 2015

Got my carb back and installed with the heat shield but could not get the idle below 2K rpms. I was suspicious of the shield when installing it as there seemed to be blockage of some of the ports. My suspicions were confirmed when i finally gave up adjusting and tweaking the carb and removed the shield. I am unhappy with the rebuilder that did my carb as he should have known it would cause issues as is. I need to attempt to modify the shield to accommodate the covered ports. The carb seems ...

Carb Rebuild

Posted on: Friday March 13, 2015

Sending off to have my carb completely redone. Also having a heat shield sent back with the rebuild to help with vapor lock during the summer. I will most likely get an electric temp controlled fan to help as well since it does hit over 100 several days a year.

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