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I have a long history of owning and driving unique cars from the fifties, sixties and seventies. My favorite car was a 1955 Austin-Healey 100-4 that was my driver for the beach days in Los Angeles. My second best car was an XKE Jaguar 1969, a great fun car. I also had a Porsche 356 SC, for several years and used it daily for a driver also, great fun and enjoyed owing it. Now the TR6 is a pleasure owing and driving on good days.

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1972 Triumph TR6 Red Milt Patnor

1972 Triumph TR6
"Old Nellie"

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 52,286 mi (84,146 km) — Average age: 1972

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Compression Test

Posted on: Friday September 18, 2015

I don't have the history on my 72 TR 6, so I decided to start by checking out the compression. I read that you warm the engine for a few minutes, then remove the plugs while keeping the order in mind as well as the spark plug wires. I have a gas line shut off so I will run the engine until the car dies. I don't know if I need to have someone hold the gas pedal down while turning the engine over to test the compression? Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks in advance. Milt

Parking Lights

Posted on: Sunday June 14, 2015

I discovered that the bulb holder for the rear parking light was bad, and ordered a Moss part then realized how cheap their part was and had difficulty installing it, it broke into a few pieces and it didn't fit properly. I had a second one and used it then got the lights to both work. Not too happy with Moss parts, going to other sources to buy the next parts needed.

Transmission Update

Posted on: Tuesday June 9, 2015

switch on transmission

I started the car after the new switch was installed, and didn't see any leakage around the transmission. I will now check to see if the GL4 fluid is up to the fill plug, and fill it if needed. All in all was a cheap fix, and now one of the reverse lights works so I guess I will replace the second switch while the tunnel is all open.

Transmission Tunnel

Posted on: Monday June 8, 2015

I am a game shade tree mechanic and tried to see why the transmission was leaking, it took about an hour to remove the seats the fiberglass tunnel radio connections and found out the reverse light switch was loose, I replaced the switch anyway and put in a new washer. I will start it up and check for leaks before replacing the tunnel. I still don't know why the reverse lights don't light up and will try it with the engine running to see if that works. Follow up later to find out how things ca...

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