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1980 Triumph 1500 White Loren Welch

1980 Triumph 1500
1980 Triumph Spitfire White Loren Welch

1980 Triumph Spitfire
1990 Ford Mustang White Loren Welch

1990 Ford Mustang

1997 Mazda Miata Special Edition SAA Loren Welch

1997 Mazda Miata Special Edition

4 Vehicles — Total mileage: 355,650 mi (572,363 km) — Average age: 1987

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Radiator Air Tunnel

Posted on: Saturday June 19, 2010

Air tunnel 66pc

I fabricated an air tunnel to force air up into my lay-down radiator.

Aluminum Engine Curtains

Posted on: Saturday June 19, 2010

engine valences

replaced the ratty cardboard engine valences with aluminum.

New Buttons In Leaf Spring Pack

Posted on: Friday October 23, 2009

new buttons in place add lift spings were touchin

I pretty much covered everything in the Spitfire forum that I did with rebuilding the leaf spring pack on my 1980 Spitfire. Like I say, it was overall an easy fix and a learning experience. Mostly just want to post a couple more pictures. If you've come across this entry and need more info, search in the Spitfire forum " new buttons in the leaf spring pack".

Cardboard Valences

Posted on: Wednesday October 14, 2009

aluminum valance

I guess that's what they are called. It only took all day but I removed the drivers side cardboard valence. I had to replace the section of it closest to the firewall as the electric fuel pump and Allison ignition box are mounted there. I have some old aluminum around so I used the old piece to make a pattern and cut out the section I needed. Used my Mouse sander to clean up the aluminum a bit. I also made a tube brace to help support the forward end. All in all I'm happy with it for now.

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