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lauralippay Laura Lippay

Laura Lippay

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Felton, CA, USA   USA
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When I was about to turn 16 my dad and I drove past two Karmann Ghias - a yellow one and an orange one - just parked near the turnpike toll booth in Lehighton, PA. He said "Wouldn't it be cool if that was your first car".

My first car with a Plymouth hatchback, but I've never lost that idea that *I* could maybe have something like *that* one day.

Many years later I've been though two Honda S2000s (The Silver Bullet), a 1999 Porsche 996 (Bonaduce), a 2012 Porsche 991 (Leeloo), and now Stacey's Mom, arguably the one with the biggest personality.

I LOVE looking under the hood of this V8 Spitfire, even though I dont understand all of ti all the time. Learning is fun, which is why I'm here, and partially why I bought the car. I didnt think I would top the Porsche 991 with this one... I had no idea. Stacey's Mom has *so* much more personality and is way fun to love.

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1964 Triumph Spitfire British Racing Green Laura Lippay

1964 Triumph Spitfire
"Stacey's Mom"

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 12,500 mi (20,117 km) — Average age: 1964

Member Journal – Who Wouldn't Use A Heavily Modified Spitfire As Their Entryway Into Car Mechanics?

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A 1964 V8 Modified Spitfire Ro-Spit

Posted on: Monday October 14, 2013

4283 p41

The brand new 2012 Porsche 911 991 that was an impulse buy to console myself for being in a marriage I wasn't happy with was gone. I finally came to terms with selling it, because truthfully, $1,700/mo is also not consoling. With a much lower budget in mind, I set my sights on MG's: Still sporty, but a much smaller notch in the wallet, and I could tinker under the hood, which is something I'd always been fascinated with but hardly ever done beyond changing my own oil and replacing a radiator...

Oh, There's A Kill Switch?

Posted on: Thursday July 31, 2014

just so I wont forget

I waited 6+ months, saved up some money, and towed Stacey's Mom to the mechanics around the corner to see why I couldn't get her to run. Kill switch. The thing has a kill switch. Guess what? It works.

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