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1975 Triumph TR6 84 Joseph Nieves

1975 Triumph TR6

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 49,000 mi (78,858 km) — Average age: 1975

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TR6 Door Gap Fix

Posted on: Saturday January 20, 2018

TR6 3

The fix to the huge door gap known on this cars is due to the rear body section sagging down. I was told how to fix the issue by a long time Triumph expert from the British car scene down in Puerto Rico. My uncle is one of these guys that is a Triumph expert from way back in the sixties, the first fiberglass fast back top installed in a TR-250 in the island he did, it looked cool. To bring the body up so that the gap can be fixed you are going to loosen the (2) rear bolts holding the body ...

TR6 Rear Body To Chassis Support Shim

Posted on: Sunday December 3, 2017

I need to shim the furthest rear body to frame supports. How do I get the bolts loose? On the left side I believe I will have to take the muffler down for access. I loosen the passenger side but the bolt keeps spinning and don't seem to keep backing out and I cannot see where the nut is for this bolt to hold it. it is not on top of the frame. Where is it? What am I doing wrong, help! Joseph

Temperature Gauge

Posted on: Sunday July 23, 2017

TR6 May 1 Project

I need the temperature gauge, replaced the sending unit but the gauge does not work. Anyone have a gauge form sale? 75 TR6

75 TR6 - Miss At Low Rpm

Posted on: Friday June 2, 2017

TR6 Dash 1

Any suggestion the Tr6 has a miss between 1000 RPM and 2500. The car has a cam and it idlles well at 1000 rpm. Once the car goes to higher rpm it runs fine it is at lower end where it misses a bit. This is what I have done:When the choke is pulled it revs as it should.I have tried everything to get rid of the low end miss that I can think of. Is it ignition or carburation. What else can I do? it affects my driveability at low speed.HELP! Could not resist the British and bought at 2001 Lan...

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