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1963 Triumph TR4 White Dave Cutter

1963 Triumph TR4

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 85,000 mi (136,794 km) — Average age: 1963

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PCA Driver Skills Day At Bremerton

Posted on: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Hold on

The Pacific NW Porsche Club of America put on a great session on Sunday. Angus performed admirably and we all learned a bit about our cars and ourselves!

Sway Bar Linkage Refresh

Posted on: Sunday June 4, 2017

Rear sway1

So, the best I can tell is that the linkage has three requirements. Linear rigidity, to reduce roll/sway. Angular flexibility. Noise and wear reduction. There clearly is a bending moment in the linkage as shown by the too-long grade 5 bolts. Had some grade 8 bolts and shock bushings in the parts bin, so I got rid of the wood. Need to pick up a bit longer bolt. Separate discussion on this here:,1461805,1461805#msg-1461805

Battery Bracket Fabrication.

Posted on: Saturday June 3, 2017

Battery holddown bracket

The battery hold-down bracket was long gone in Angus, so I decided to weld one up. Wanted to keep the threaded portion and fasteners below the top of the battery.

Fuel Tank Repair With JB Weld

Posted on: Saturday June 3, 2017

Fuel tank fix

As expected most shops won't touch fuel tank work due to either environmental or liability concerns. Found one place, but it was very pricey. Staying true to my goal for this summer, I want to keep driving it daily and hold the "down" periods to less than 48 hours. Decided to try a little modern chemistry and see if it would get me through the driving season. Will decide on a long term fix this winter during the rebuild. After 24 hours the JB Weld seam is leak-free. Was able to put a sur...

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