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I've lived in the southern and central coast of California most of my life. I currently own a 1969 TR6 and a 1977 Spitfire 1500 basket case. I have previously owned a 1964 Spitfire 4, a 1962 TR4, a Herald, and a 1970 GT6+.
I'm a new member of the Central Coast British Car Club.

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1969 Triumph TR6 Conifer Jim Harris

1969 Triumph TR6

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 33,714 mi (54,257 km) — Average age: 1969
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Queen's English Show

Posted on: Monday April 23, 2018

20180422 100458

At long last I was able to put my TR into a real car show, the Queen's English show in Woodley Park, Van Nuys. The previous two days were spent stretching the top onto the frame with help from my friend Dave and the 80+ temperatures and sunshine. I was pretty pleased with the result! I never imagined how cozy my TR would feel with the top up and side glass properly sealed. The 58 mile trip down Sunday on the freeway was serene with the six purring and the suspension supple over the sometimes...

Let It Rain

Posted on: Thursday March 22, 2018

20180319 145451

In California we are in need of rain and snow in the Sierra Nevada. We have had a gentle soaking rain over the past few days so I hope the other extreme, mud slides in our areas that have fire damage, do not suffer. But since I have not had warm enough weather to stretch my new top into place I have not driven the TR much. I did get to try out the windscreen wipers and they proved satisfactory. Shortly before the rain started I did take and enjoyable cruise around town, picking up some poi...

Turning A Corner

Posted on: Sunday March 4, 2018

A very slight dusting of snow on the Tehachapi Mou

Today I had my most trouble free drive in the TR since getting it back on the road. I have finished rebuilding all four corners of the suspension with all new rubber bushings and boots and Koni shocks in the front. The ride is much improved with the new grease in the rear axle splines, replaced U-joints on the LH axle, and just overall making sure the suspension is ready for extended drives. I also re-installed the original oil pump because I did not like the way the replacement pump was slow...

Moss Motoring Challenge

Posted on: Friday March 9, 2018

The crossroads of two of my favorite canyon roads

I'm finally ready to have some real fun in the TR so I joined the 2018 Moss Motoring Challenge. After last week's outing to catch some winter before it completely disappears from the region I took a 65 mile loop around the valley and some of my favorite canyon roads to get more destinations in the Challenge points sheet. While driving I had time to think through a couple of more distant destinations for the future. The TR seems to become more reliable as I build miles. I still need to get ...

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