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1980 Triumph TR7 Drophead Dark Red carl g

1980 Triumph TR7 Drophead

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Speeduino Part 1

Posted on: Sunday February 11, 2018

My car is running on a Megasquirt1 but since getting an LX9 I decided I would need another DIY ECU. So although I kinda like my MS1 its getting a bit long in the tooth and the MS2 and MS3 seemed like a lot of $ so I decided to try my luck with a Speeduino. Here's the website. The driving force behind it is a young Australian fella called Josh Stewart. I don't know Josh and I have no commerical or otherwise interest in Speeduino but the websit...

LX9 Swap

Posted on: Monday November 27, 2017

right back side of the engine flexplate visible

So as described, the TR7 had an LB8 GM 60 degree V6 in it; a 2.8 NA from a 1989 Camaro/Firebird with attendant WCT5 gearbox. After having a wee bit too much fun the 2.8 developed a somewhat enigmatic knock. OK no problem. Rod bearings were due and arent rocket science. But out of the corner of my eye I noticed my empty engine bay could now host a different GM 60 degree V6: An LX9. These non-VVT 3.5L V6s were in 2005ish GM products and make 200hp as opposed to the 2.8's 135hp. They also featur...

Brake Upgrade

Posted on: Monday July 3, 2017

Mini Accord on the left TR7 on the right bracket

Bit of an odd one, this. But here we have Mini Cooper 11in slotted/ drilled/ vented front rotors mated to 2003-2007 V6 Accord front calipers. All I had to do was get some 6mm plate and strategically drill it to make brackets. The finished brackets were not a single plane. Rather one plane of 6mm, with two extensions of 16mm each to make 22mm altogether. Not easy to explain. I provide a diagram. Local machine shop (MacLellans, in Truro NS) drilled the rotors to fit the stock TR7 h...

BMW E36 Seats On TR7 Frames - Part 2 Of 2

Posted on: Sunday June 4, 2017

BMW seat bottom in place Bolsters look a bit defl

OK so by now I have tacked bits of the BMW E36 seat frames to the TR7 frame. This frankenframe means I can use E36 headrest, seat back foam and hammy bolster but retaining the light TR7 frame, low seating position (important if you're tall) and TR7 seat adjustment and seatbelt. Now to fit the leather covers. I've never done upholstery before so the results are probably suboptimal. But its a starting point so I'll show what I did so you can copy my results or better still improve on them. ...

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