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1978 Triumph 1500

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Bits And Pieces... Right After Purchase

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2018

IMG 0488

Lord knows... I've got plans for Blk-Bry.... some involved... some, not so much.... She came to us with no rear bumper.... (and son thought it was really cool as is).... but.... I figured my 14 yo daughter would eventually back into "something".... sooner or later.... made a few inquiries with the local triumph group.... and found a really great condition bumper - with plastic overriders.... for $200..... One hour to pick her up - a half hour to install her - and we have a "mor...

Dash Away Dash Away All

Posted on: Thursday April 19, 2018

IMG 0496

PO, at some point - painted the original wooden dash black.... Not ugly - but hardly what I wanted.... especially with the new wooden door caps and matching radio face plate..... One of the Forum members was kind enough to do a template for me - with incredible detail... It was great as I didn't want to be without a dashboard for the week(s) it would take to properly fabricate a new one.... Got a beautiful grain piece of 1X8 Red Oak from my favorite hardwood supplier.... It has ...

Weber? What's A Weber?

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2018

Got Blkbry back to St. Louis.... knowing she would start easily when cold.... and give us fits when warmed up.... Finally got under the hood to look around - and found a Weber 32/36 DGEV with the swan neck intake.... HUH?? What's up with that? Lots of research followed... Lots and lots and lots..... Turns out the Weber conversion is very, very popular - reviled by some - loved by others..... Hey - it is what is .. and I've got one..... First order of business with an unkno...

Lowering The Stance

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2018

IMG 0456

As is typical of Spits.... the overall stance looks like a plane waiting for take-off.... and the driver's side is lower than passenger (love that swing spring)... Time to fix it, once and for all.... Rear: After going through the archives extensively, I decided to go with the Corvette air shocks recommended by so many.... Found them at a local FLAPs, in stock, for around $70..... Brought them to the shop where I removed the upper bushing to replace with the factory bushing. L...

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