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1979 Triumph 1500 WHITE Cliff Coy

1979 Triumph 1500

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 50,323 mi (80,987 km) — Average age: 1979

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Excitement Over Reason.

Posted on: Friday April 13, 2012

We purchased a new positive lead cable and hooked it up. Connected the battery and gave it a shot. The engine turns but *very* slowly. The battery lasts about 15 seconds. Hmpf. "What are we going to do now?" "Well, the starter doesn't feel warm, maybe this battery just isn't up to it. Let's grab the car and the jumper cables!" I pull the car around and take the oil filter off ( I want to see that the oil pump is working). Spend a few seconds showing the order of connecting jumpercab...

The Engine.

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2012

The next bit would be freeing the crankshaft. Took the sparkplugs out and filled the holes with MMO and fresh oil. I had explained that we were going to attach a bar to the crankshaft,  hang a weight to it and.... Wait. Until. It moves. "How long is *that* going to take?" I hold my hands about two feet apart- "About this long. If we need to, we can use a longer bar." "Daaaad, that's not what I meant!" "I know (chuckles)"... After a week of soaking, I borrow the 1-13/16" socket ...

The Curiosity And The Enthusiasm

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2012

The twelve year old, he says "Hey dad, when are we going to start working on the sports car?" The seventeen year old, she says "Yeah Cliff, it'd pretty much make my Highschool life to drive that to my prom" I say "There's no way this car is going to drive you to your junior prom in three months. In a year, with both of you helping, I think we can get this running well enough for the road. And in four years we can make it look good and drive better than it ever has. Whadda ya say?" "I'm...

And So It Begins....

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2012

Ever since late January, my son started to croon over the little white sports car he's bumped into his entire life. In 1988 I took out my first car loan and bought this Triumph from a relocating pilot. It was nearly twice the engine of my first car- a Fiat 850 Sport Spyder and, I'll stop comparisons there. I managed to keep it going using a late teenager's brain at the time. A wheel bearing here, a cobbled up fan thermostat there, and somewhere, for some reason, I disassembled, fiddled wi...

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