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Bought my first car - a 1960 MGA - at age 16 in 1971 for $300. Still have it! Other LBC's have followed me home over the years, both MG's and Triumphs. Two of the cars - the '58 A coupe and the '63 TR3B - are projects awaiting bodywork and my first attempts at painting. UPDATE August 2010 - the garage is exclusively British again, as I sold the Porsche. UPDATE April 2011 - Magnette and TR3B project are both sold and headed to new homes in the next month or so. Newly acquired BGT will soon have a bit of "elbow room" in the garage. UPDATE May 2011 - The A Coupe project just left headed for its new home, so the "thinning" is done. UPDATE July 2013 - the BGT is headed to a new home next weekend near Atlanta, where it will cozy up with a '59 A Coupe. So I'm now back to where I was 15 years ago, with the A and the TR6 as the only LBC's in the garage . . .UPDATE 2017 - acquired a nice, almost completely restored 1972 Triumph Spitfire from a friend who "imported" it from Ohio some 10 years ago.

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1960 MG MGA Red Paul Nodtvedt

1960 MG MGA

1972 Triumph Spitfire 4 (MkI)

1976 Triumph TR6 Brown Paul Nodtvedt

1976 Triumph TR6

3 Vehicles — Total mileage: 207,580 mi (334,068 km) — Average age: 1969
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