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Paint Process

Posted on: Tuesday June 4, 2013

After the third coat of clear

I used the SPI epoxy for the base primer on metal and also as a sealer. The paint works really great and is easy to sand if required. The only issue I had with it was it had to be top coated within 7 days. If not, you have to scuff it and reshoot. So doing this only on weekends was really tough! The base coat clear coat was Matrix paint and their Universal Clear. It was very easy to spray. Fortunately a cold front had come through the night before and I did not have a single bug flying in...

Been Awhile

Posted on: Tuesday June 4, 2013

after stripping to metal started with SPI epoxy

Well, it's been really hard getting the MG painted just right working just weekends! Did not make my "show ready" date of April. Learned a lot of patience and a lot of "while I'm here, might as well do it right"... So here's a few shots of the paint process. I painted it in my garage, taking two box fans and frames out of 1x2s with plastic stapled, lifted the garage door and set it on the frame with two fans. I then used cheesecloth taped over an entrance door for intake air. Worked grea...

Motor Shots

Posted on: Sunday January 6, 2013

Motor is in

Just a few pics of the motor install.

2012 Improvements To The 69B

Posted on: Sunday January 6, 2013

Fresh from the barn

Not sure who reads these posts...but for anyone interested: Here's my new B. It had been stored in a horse barn,at least out of the weather.It was amazing to bring it back to a decent shine! The carbs had been removed and there was no gas tank or fuel pump. Everything was there and looked like it had been a well cared for car. New kits in the carbs, fuel tank from LBC and an electric fuel pump from OReillys got it running. New brakes, tires, front end rebuild and all was good - except f...

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